December 11, 2012

Christmas Cards

It’s getting perilously close to the time when I should send all of my Christmas cards, but I’ve been undecided as to what to send and how to do it.

Last year, I sent electronic cards via Paperless Post, which worked very well. xmas[3]

I could see who opened the card, and they could leave comments back to me. But at the same time, it seemed a bit impersonal.

It’s always great to receive cards from friends and their families. Watching the children grow and change from year to year, and then realizing how old they and we are getting, is fun.

Since I don’t have children, and I sent a picture of the new house last year, I thought I’d send a picture of my dog. When I found a pair of antlers that were the same colour as Connor, I knew I had the perfect picture. Or did I? Connor hates to have his picture taken, mainly because an old camera of mine made a high-pitched noise which bothered him, so he’s not very co-operative.

Walk. Walk. Walk.

I am closing my eyes!

I am not looking at you.

Bark. Bark. Bark.

I am doing my Elvis-curled-lip-look.

Finally, we got a good shot!

He’s sitting down, he’s looking at me, and you can see the antlers. Perfect. It’s a wrap… or actually, it’s a card!


  1. You really did get a good final shot didn't you? Such a cute photo.

  2. Wonderful Holiday Greeting Meg; you know we all love Connor!!

    2012 Artists Series,

  3. So, so cute and memorable!! I'd make a multisided ornament to go on the tree with these outtakes (like an umbra fotoball). :)

  4. Merry Christmas to you and Connor!! He looks great and hope he got a treat for all his hard work.

  5. So worth the effort. Conner did a great job.
    Hope you have a fabulous holiday.


  6. Very cute, although I like the "Elvis lip" too.

  7. Conner looks great, but Jones would be sooooooo humiliated if I made him wear antlers.

  8. Our dog was the only cooperative one at the photo shoot. Try getting two rambunctious children to look into a camera at the same time!

  9. What adorable photos of Connor! + they are all so good, especially with his eyes closed. Happy Wednesday Meg.

  10. Fourth one down he's obviously barking "Joy to the World." He's adorable.

  11. I hope I'm on your Christmas card list. Love this.

    xo jane

  12. So sweet. I love the shot you got, truly great. But my favorite is the one with him barking. Very cute.


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