December 4, 2012

G. G. What Begins With G?

Our new family Christmas tradition is to pick names at Thanksgiving. It’s easier said than done with families of six, five and four. We have to make sure that no one in the same family picks another member. To make things a little trickier, we also pick a letter, and everyone has to buy something that begins with that letter. It encourages creativity and adds some fun.

This year is brought to you by the letter:image

I am trying to think of some interesting G presents, and have taken to searching my blog for some ideas.

How about this elegant garbage can?imageA few architectural elements, some lacquer spray paint, and glue. Voila!

What about some green Jasperware from Wedgwood? image

Some gloves? imageEveryone can always use a pair or three of gloves.

What about some gilded goodies?imageWhat a sweet little gilt chest.

Let’s have your suggestions of gifts that begin with G!


  1. Giraffes! Garter belts! Greenery! Gumdrops! Gin! Guitars! Gelatto! Guestbooks!

    Ms. G.

  2. Something green, environmentally-speaking? Or speaking of green, there's always cash (though not very imaginative), or an Amex gift card....


  3. Hmmm lets see the letter G-a Gemstone, a gentleman(lots of people would want one),gardenia, lots of G's! What a grand idea + fun!

  4. Gold jewelry or gold bullion are always appreciated! Gingerbread, golf items, geometric items, gardening items, games, geographic items -- what fun. Wish I had a larger family.

  5. girandoles, fresh grapefruit, homemade gingersnaps, gummy bears for stocking stuffers, toy giraffes (or giraffe-patterned anything), a grocery shopping expedition for a harried friend or family member...

  6. Glittens! Gloves without fingers- there on my list so it was the first think that came to mind! Happy shopping and what a fun traditions Meg!

  7. Greengage plums---you could go with food or with the the plum color.

  8. A Givenchy perfume, particularly the old fragrance called "Le De," would suit me fine! And maybe a copy of the very popular book "Gone Girl."

  9. Godiva chocolates or DVDs with titles that start with a G, such as "Gone With the Wind" or "Gigi"...

  10. Glassware, goldfish/bowl, crystallized ginger, go go boots

  11. Goblets, garden gnomes, (board)games, gin (and tonic),
    Greek cookery book ,gingsing tea, subscription to a gardening magazine

  12. A pot filled with grape hyacinth bulbs.
    A cheese board with Gorgonzola, Gouda, goat, Gloucester cheeses and Gala apples.
    Galoshes - seen recently in two stores in Chicago - colored galoshes - Hermes/Coach orange, dark green.


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