December 26, 2012

White-ish Christmas

What a huge surprise on Christmas Eve when it started snowing… 2012-12-24_14-48-07_932and snowing…2012-12-24_15-12-31_200 and snowing.2012-12-24_15-46-17_978We got a bit more than a dusting, which was way more than anyone had ever thought – in fact, there was no snow at all in the forecast. But it was fun to have the tiniest bit of snow on the ground for Christmas.

Especially when a visiting pal came over to play reindeer with Connor. Our noble friend, Halas!2012-12-25_10-03-24_169

He’s spending a little time with us, and although Connor loves him, 2012-12-25_10-03-37_89and they were thrilled to show off their antlers, 2012-12-25_10-04-13_812he did get a little perturbed when Halas appropriated his favourite chair.2012-12-25_22-24-20_305Connor went over to get into it a few times, and seemed startled to find Halas there. He came over to me, sighed deeply, then laid down on the floor, a poor substitute.

I hope that you got what you wanted for Christmas.


  1. Connor is such a god friend, I think that Jones would have tried to sit on top of him. The boys look superb in their antlers. Merry Christmas.

  2. We got a little bit of snow too! It was a nice little surprise on Christmas morning :O)

  3. Meg we still have a bit of snow from a few days ago!
    I love seeing Connor and Halas in their antlers.

    Wishing you a wondrous Holiday and All the best in the year ahead!

    Love and Hugs,
    Art by Karena

  4. It's not always easy being a gracious host. Kudos to Connor who was obviously raised properly.

  5. Halas does not look exactly thrilled with his antlers. Connor is so lucky to have such a great friend. Happy New Year.

  6. Did you get all the snow / sleet today? It was sooooo pretty. And so cold. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Meg! xoxo, Loi


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