December 3, 2012

Christmas at Ladew

As you may have gathered, Ladew Gardens is one of the things I treasure about living in Maryland. It’s just an amazing place, regardless of the season… And I’ve been there in every season. image

Around the holidays, Ladew finishes trimming the greenery for the season and cuts the boxwoods, the firs, the magnolias and other greens and offers them for sale. image

Different garden clubs decorate the late 1700’s manor house, and this year’s theme is A Magical Christmas. I can tell you that seeing this house decorated for Christmas IS magical. image

Even in the winter, the gardens are spectacular. I was there in October, when things were just beginning to die off after a long and beautiful summer. The bones of the garden are now visible, and Mr. Ladew’s original plans shine through. image

Reservations are required for the Preview Night event, and information about all of the weekend’s events is here.


  1. I would love to be there Meg. I know it is an exciting event!


  2. I do so love a withy wall.... beautiful!


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