December 20, 2012

Little Last Minute Gift Suggestions

It’s rather shocking to realize that Christmas is in a scant few days! I am pretty well finished with my shopping, but then I don’t have a lot to do. However, I was scouting around for some ideas for last minute hostess presents, and for people who stop by the house. My aim with these little gifts is to give the recipient something that they might not buy for themselves.image

I don’t think that you can go wrong with a nice candle. My favourite at this time of year is Thymes Frasier Fir candle, because it smells like a real fir tree, and not chemicals. You could go more high end and give a candle from Diptique or Cire Trudon.imageThese candles come in a few sizes, so you could have the smaller ones on hand as last minute gifts.

Another great items is luxury soaps (although I do hate that term!). imageI like the Claus Porto soaps, since they’re so beautifully wrapped, and they come in a great range of scents.

I used to give my favourite I Coloniali Soaps, but they’re becoming so scarce and difficult to source, that I find myself hoarding the few bars I have left.image I forgot to pick up some more when I was in London in the spring.

Of course, you can hardly go wrong with a bottle of bubbles. For about $40, you can pick up a nice bottle of Veuve Clicquot.imageBut if that’s out of your budget, a bottle of Presecco can be a nice treat. If you pair it with some inexpensive champagne flutes, you’ve got a great presentation.

To inject a bit of springtime into the dreary days after the holidays, head to your thrift shop and pick up some cheap glass vases, then head to the garden center for some small stones and some paperwhite narcissus bulbs. imageYou don’t need loads of stones, and you can even do these in a shallow bowl.

There are loads of great jams and jellies that you can get in lovely jars. Stonewall Kitchens has some great flavours, including Maine Blueberry and Strawberry Balsamic. imageCheck Sur la Table or Williams Sonoma or even your local gourmet grocery store for some other selections.

If you’ve been forward-thinking, you might have made your own jams. I made that great fig-bourbon jam this summer, but not enough to give as presents. Maybe next year.image Failing that, you can still make lemon or lime curd and put it in some great jars, like the Weck jars I used for the jams.

Do you have a last minute go-to gift?


  1. Something to share a box of chocolates, tin of butter cookies, a nutcracker (decorative kind) as a child I never saw these but I do enjoy a stately Nutcracker to oversee the festivities. A gift of music Michael Buble for example.

  2. I wish Veuve Clicquot, (my favourite champagne) cost $40 here, but sadly, it's over $153, just for the normal variety. Nonetheless, I shall be "evaporating" my stash accumulated from duty free, including a bottle of vintage. Salivating at the prospect! If you drop by, I'll pour you a glass or two.

  3. Our friends, Ted and Betsy, give Mason jars of homemade, heavily spiked egg-nog they make every year from an old Southern family recipe from Ted's side of the family. Known as "Ted-Nog" it is the highlight of our Christmas! We give little gifts along the lines of yours. Potted paperwhites are a perrenial favorite. Happy Christmas, dear one -- Reggie

  4. I always keep a few 20s stashed in my bra.

  5. These are great suggestions! Will write down the name of the soap + pass it on to clients in UK- Thank you.

  6. A wonderfully scented candle, or a bottle of nice wine!

    Love & Hugs
    Art by Karena
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  7. Coloniali soaps are available at Amazon. Enjoy!

  8. My last minute gift? ... my scintillating presence at people's holiday parties.

    HA! Who am I kidding? I work straight through the holidays every year, never get to go to parties. (cue violins)

  9. As always you come up with great ideas

  10. Meg,
    Claus Porto soaps are one of my favs too. The poses of your pooch in the antlers- priceless!!!
    Merry Christmas!

  11. Relied on my favorite fragrance of Jo Malone candles this year as gifts. Love them.


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