December 2, 2012

Christmas Parade

First, were you naughty or nice this weekend? I had mini cupcakes with “naughty” and “nice” on them, and it seems that more people chose naughty, so I guess I know what kinds of friends I have!

Although Sunday started out very foggy, 2012-12-02_08-59-19_173

luckily, it burnt off by the time the Mayor’s Christmas Parade started later in the afternoon.

Since the parade route goes within a few hundred yards of my house, it’s becoming a tradition to have friends over to watch it with me. Say what you will about Baltimore, we embrace the strange, and this parade had plenty of that!

From the usual suspects like the Shriners in their crazy magic carpet go-carts, parade (64)to the opposite end of the spectrum with the VW club, parade (60)and from the local “step & drum” corps, representing a number of Baltimore’s neighbourhoods, parade (58)to the newly arrived Central and South American communities, parade (57)there was something for everyone.

I must admit that I was completely intrigued with the shoes these Bolivians were wearing – wooden thongs, with a spur sort of contraption at the back, which was really like cymbals which rattled and clashed at each step.

It’s really such fun to see each of these diverse groups doing their own traditional dance routines,parade (62) some in native costume,

and others not.parade (68)

From the littlest steppers,

to the oldest white guys, parade (65)everyone seemed to be having a great time.

I hope your weekend was as much fun!


  1. Hmmmmmmmmm. Naughty or Nice? I would love to choose naughty, but I think that I was nice (darn!)

  2. looks like fun!

  3. Very cool!

    On Saturday night, here in Victoria, British Columbia, we had the Truck Parade and the Small Boat Parade.

    The trucks included anything that could conceivably be considered a truck - tour buses, fire trucks, a FedEx truck, a post office truck, farm machinery, eighteen wheelers, "cherry-pickers" - you name it, it was in the parade. And these were seriously decorated trucks, just covered in lights. There was even a cement truck with the very decorated mixer part whirling round and round.

    The boats were much quieter than the trucks! All the boats that normally have berths in Victoria's Inner Harbour were decorated with lights. After the Truck Parade, the boats started their cruise of the Inner Harbour.

    Both of these parades were gorgeous ... and so much fun!

  4. Are the black booted red dressed female santa clause-ish group an entity that contributes to the community in some capacity dressed as they appear in the parade?? If so I am curious as to otherwise why they would invest and purchase such an ensamble??


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