December 5, 2012

I’ll Take This… Apothecary Shop

Funnily, my friend David from London sent me the link to a listing to of a house in Baltimore. And of course, when I opened the link, I knew exactly why he’d sent it!imageBecause he knew I’d LOVE this old unit! (Although I am not quite sure about the three (!) chandeliers.)

The house stands on a corner just a few blocks from a huge park. It used to be an apothecary shop and the current owners retained many of the old fixtures, including the shelving and drawers, the tin ceiling and the mirrored counter.


While it looks like they’ve kept the original storefront windows, they’ve blocked two of the windows on the side, which I would open back up. imageI would have the best time filling the shelves with books, and the drawers with shoes!

The house still retains many other original features, like the old wood staircase, and even the wood floors, although the main floors don’t look original.image

But in other parts of the house, none of the original features are left. image

The kitchen and the bathrooms have been updated though.image

I love these old doors, but I can’t quite figure out where they are in the house. image

There’s a small back garden, which could be really terrific. Right now, there’s some sort of stone arrangement, imageand it looks like there’s a water feature inside the sun room. image

The listing agent was kind enough to include an article about the house, but the images of it are too small to read, and search as I might, I couldn’t find a copy of it on-line. Perhaps he’d be kind enough to send a PDF of it to me.

The house is listed for $490,000.  The listing is here.


  1. I used to live down the street when I first moved to Baltimore 12 years ago, and was in Butcher's Hill for 2.5 years - nice neighborhood (but parking could be a nightmare at times). Lots of lovely homes on that street (as was the house I lived in!)......

  2. That is so fabulous! When I was a kid, I always imagined that I would live somewhere like that or in a converted warehouse. I did live in an old neighborhood grocery in Alexandria once but none of the old fixtures remained.

  3. I would take that home in a minute! + love, love the original features that were left behind, the three chandeliers-not so much.

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