December 14, 2011

Watch the Video! Help the Children!

As you may know, my “real” job is as Director of Development for the Woodbourne Trust, a small non-profit in Baltimore. We care for children who have been through the most unimaginable trauma, abuse and neglect, and try to help them recover and move forward with their lives.
Each year, we present a video so that you can see and hear what the children’s wants and wishes are, in their own words. This year, the video production class at our on-campus school helped make the video.woodbourne2The children’s wishes are simple. One child who isn’t on the video, asked for a pair of shoelaces… the fun, big, colourful type that all of the kids his age wear. Other kids want batteries for their hand-held games, or a big hoodie sweatshirt. To see the general wish list, click here.
I hope that you will take two minutes and watch the video. And I would so appreciate it if you click on this link and make a donation to help Woodbourne’s children at the holidays. woodbourne1Thank you so very much.


  1. Of course.

    I couldn't watch the video though.

    Just the thought of those shoelaces are enough to make my cry.

    Merry Christmas friend.

    xo jane

  2. Hello Meg,

    Can you email me at I have a little Christmas decoration to send to you... xv

  3. I have great admiration for people like you who put their heart and soul into such wonderful organizations. I live in Michigan and have been involved with many organizations here, and there is such a need to help out so many people. Recently, I got involved with an organization that helps women get their GEDs and also tutors girls in grades 1 - 10. It is so inspiring to hear these women's stories as literacy is such a big problem here, and the graduation rate in Detroit is just 25%.

    I am sure the girls and boys at Woodburn Trust are very fortunate to have you. It is so sad to hear of such basics for their "want list" when most kids are asking for the newest ipod, electronic game, etc.
    Thank you for being one of those special people that work so hard to improve the lives of others.

  4. Hi Meg, My heart is heavy with the thought that a little child could express the simple wish of wanting shoelaces.... I'm sending blessings to all of you at Woodbourne and to all others involved with providing love and care and protection to children. Next year I will give a little more. Thanks and love, Mary


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