December 10, 2011

Bella Foster for the WSJ + A Little More

I adore the weekend Wall Street Journal, and if possible, adore even more the WSJ. Magazine. Last week, artist Bella Foster created a one-page painting as a small gift to WSJ readers. I was quite taken with this little work, and it’s just one more good reason to love the WSJ Weekend paper.Bella Foster for the WSJThat, and the fabulous piece they did on English country houses that are being rented out to paying guests… And this video clip of the new Madonna-produced movie, WE.

which got scathingly bad reviews from the UK papers.


  1. Love the new holiday blogtopper! 8-)

  2. Love WSJ too, just never seem to have time to "consume" it! Hope you're well & having a great holiday season!

  3. Meg,
    Thanks for this link. You cannot imaging how much I will enjoy reading this article --I am saving it til I have a minute to sit down and savor every word. I have come to count on you for these tidbits from the UK.
    Thank you for your blog and wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!
    xo, Anne

  4. I love the painting--reminds me of Chagall; so happy. Have a wonderful Sunday. Mary

  5. Just emailed Winterthur asking for trip info. Don't they sound divine?

    As for W.E., sigh, I know it'll be bad but I so adore the time period, sets, costumes, furniture, etc. It never gets old. And the movie has a great look if the trailer's any indication.

    Thanks for posting, Meg!

  6. Perhaps the Barista saw us ride up on bikes; with our Ventes in hand on this cool spring break Monday morn; I asked about the stack of Sunday New York Times. Oh take one, How much, I asked warily it's free. Awesom. I Love a free Sunday copy of the New York Times but when I am on vacation I will spring for the $6. I have more time to savor it-- I discovered Alexis Chung one Spring that way WSJ and the NYT classic long live USPS

  7. Great print, would look wonderful framed!


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