December 8, 2011

OKL: This or That

I swore I was going to lay off the OKL posts (especially after I just ordered something from them this morning!), but it’s like an addiction. I just get so caught up in the madness, that I can’t stop.

So, here on the same page, right next to each other, we have two items… with a price difference of $69,900.OKL1

Seriously! An Airstream trailer! Would you actually buy something like this off the interwebs? I would want to walk around it, kick the tires, lie in one of the beds, check out how it would feel being towed behind my Volvo wagon. You know, little things like that, before spending such a large chunk o’change.

I’d also have to consider redecorating the interior to something a little more authentic than a Moroccan-style décor. OKL3 Like perhaps something a tad more in keeping with the general era of these kings of the road, perhaps.

And then I saw this…

I’ve got one if you want it. Seriously. It is only $20, plus $10 shipping. OKL4

Just saying… You should shop with me!


  1. You know that I also occasionally purchase from OKL, but recently, in addition to the attempted price rapes I've also noticed that the quality of some items has been disappointing. Then to see some of their so called Stylemakers items' prices...well, it makes you wonder if they think everyone is the Village Idiot!

  2. Hi Meg,
    I saw this on IKL last night.........if it were wedgwood, I might be tempted.....But to defend OKl, I did see some items that were priced OK. But don't think I would ever buy from the site. I check it to make sure that my inventory is inline price wise and that I'm not buying items that were yesterday's news........ Have a great week-end....please give us more of OKL finds.

  3. This bowl is more like Neoclassical circa 1960's. I have a vague recollection from my childhood that Sinclair gas stations offered these bowls for "free" if you filled you car with X amount gallons of gas. They also offered juice glasses with the same motif. OKL, I would venture a guess that the Sinclair transistor radio, also from approximately 1966, is probably worth more today than this Neoclassical bowl pictured here.


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