December 29, 2011

A Few of My Favourite Things

One of the things I like about blogging is the action of sitting down, looking at a blank page and then deciding what to write about. Sometimes, it comes so easily – I see something that sparks my interest and or I visit someplace that I think will interest you. Other times, I sit down, usually at about 11 at night, and fret over what I am going to write. I have a few go-to places that usually yield something. One King’s Lane and the Guardian (a UK newspaper) are two favourite resources.

However, I think that all of my posts are like children. I love each one equally. But I do have some that I like a wee bit better than others. In no particular order, they are as follows:

1. Our House – I found some images of the house where my family lived for about 30 years. I hadn’t seen them before, so I “borrowed” them from my mum, and scanned them. 10415I loved this house so much. It was such a beautiful elegant place with gardens that my father worked hard to keep under control. I think that this might have been an early picture of the dining room because later on, we had a large rug on the floor, and a more oval table.

2. Puppy Love – When the New York Times wrote an article about sleeping with your pet(s), their commenting community came down almost evenly on both sides of the argument. I however, have been converted to the sleeping dogs in bed side, mainly because regardless of what I want, Connor gets on the bed. Connor-for-SunYou all pretty much agreed with me on this post.

3. The Tale of Two Paintings – I found two paintings done by one of my mother’s second cousins (we’re Southern, so we know the degree of kinship!) and bought them at a local auction.
Marie Tiffany 001[5] Marie Tiffany 003[2]

What makes these two paintings extra special, aside from the fact that they’re of two well-known Baltimore locales, is that the painter was the person who introduced my American mother to my English father.

4. The Joy of Having a Clothesline – Seriously, this makes me so happy! I must admit that in Wales, I HATED drying everything on the line, mainly because it was almost always cold and damp. laundry 003[2]Here, the sunshine and breezes make drying clothes, towels and sheets on the line such a pleasure. Affixing a clothesline to the two existing poles at my house was one of the first things that I did. And I am sure that the T-poles are at least 50 years old!

5. Cooking! Since I moved into the new house, I’ve cooked more than I have in the past five years. People who are newer friends are amazed that I can actually cook, because they’ve never known me to cook.buttah 015[2] When I actually made butter this fall, I am sure some of my friends were certain that I’d been taken over by alien beings. But I do like to cook and entertain, and now I have a place where I can do it!

6. The Craziest House – Beautiful from the outside, insane on the inside.gway4[2] Painted by a mad person who had a little too much time and a faux painting course! To a person, we all wondered why the estate agent didn’t suggest gallons of white paint!

7. CONNOR & HALAS! We love having Halas stay with us, and the two dogs just love each other! They’re so funny together – playing, sleeping or horsing around.Hal Con 13[3] It’s either perpetual motion, or totally zonked out.

That’s about it… as I said, it’s hard to pick the ones I love best!


  1. Every post you post makes me smile for some reason. Your wit, your charm, your dog perhaps...!
    I love the Connor and Halas picture. I love the clothesline (nothing beats it) and those gorgeous paintings. The home you grew up in was so elegant!!!
    I love that you made butter. Wish you lived closer and I would make you be my friend. I never understood dogs sleeping on beds but some of my favorite people do it, so it must be ok.
    xo Terri

  2. I may have to steal some of your favorite things,,,,love the outrageous wallpaper ceiling that spills down the sides of the wall...thanks for the great post...have a great New Year...phyllis

  3. I look forward to your blog postings and especially love that you allow Connor and his guests to sleep on the white couch and bed. You spread happiness...and homemade butter!

  4. Your posts are a delight and I look forward to each and every one.

  5. When you posted about your family home before, I saved a picture of your front door with the gorgeous transom in my favorites! A truly memorable place to grow up! And Connor & Halas will forever be two of my favorite pups I met through the blogosphere! Positively angelic! You, madam, are a wonder!
    Happy New Year!!!

  6. Hi Meg, Being a "dog person", I love it when you post about Halas and Connor. Two best friends who love each other. Have a wonderful New Year--things are really going to start hopping in 2012 . Sending love, Mary

  7. What I love Meg is that they are all so meaningful. I love the works of art!

    Art by Karena

  8. I really enjoyed the "Our House" photos. I love to see the insides of other peoples homes especially those snippets of bygone years.

  9. Some great reminders here Meg, my favourite, your old house, very elegant!

  10. The streetscapes remind me of The oldest inhabited street in Philadelphia Epthworth st I believe it is spelled or something close to that -- wait let me google it oops it is Elftreth's Alley anyway we visited on foot after parking near the Liberty Bell site. don't ask me how to get there on foot. It was a blustery rainy October day --we hoofed it to all manner of sights in that historic city even on a day unsuited for sightseeing it made an impression on me as-- despite the inclement weather life goes on and it was bustling as any large metro area

  11. I love the woodwork and the wallpaper pattern in your childhood dining room. Do you remember what the colors were?

    Happy New Year!

  12. Your dining room is stunning! Can't imagine growing up like that.

    Have a happy and healthy new years!

  13. The little red house on the corner is to die for.

  14. My $.02... it's the house where Edgar Allan Poe lived and died in Baltimore. Sweet, isn't it?


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