December 12, 2011

A Bit of Boxwood

I got a few handfuls of English boxwood at Ladew the other day and decided to use them the way I have for the past few years… as sort of a topiary. Box in a box, as it were. box 008 I had a toleware box with a liner, so I added some dirt and just started putting in the boxwood. I will water it every so often to keep it green, but when it dries, it turns a lovely buff shade.

I did this at the old house, when I had access to acres of greens, including boxwood and magnolia. greens 007I literally had a contractor trash bag full of greenery and wanted to use every bit of it.  greens 024I put a little handful into my father’s silver christening cup and tucked some behind an old clock.

I know some people absolutely hate the smell of boxwood, but I am a huge fan of the plant, and even its scent. Are you?


  1. I love boxwood. The scent reminds me of childhood visits to Williamsburg. It doesn't grow here (that type), and I miss it.

  2. Great idea on the boxwood. Connor is THE BEST porch decoration of the season!

  3. So funny I was going to say it reminds me of visits to Williamsburg too. I love the scent.

  4. Meg I adore boxwood it always looks so fresh and classic!

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  5. Boxwood always reminds me of the house across the street from ours in Lutherville growing up. The Waters' boxwood were HUGE!!!! Also of W&L...the campus is rife with them....

  6. Mink80, was that John Waters' boyhood house?

    Boxwood, schmoxwood, all I can see in that photo is the handsome, rugged, dignified swaddlesnout Connor. Yay!! I keep picturing him wearing a red felt Santa hat, with pride and dignity, natch.

  7. Love boxwood, especially at Christmas! Happy Holidays!

  8. I LOVE boxwood!

  9. I love boxwood and have planted a dozen bushes just to have plenty for Christmas. although they do look lovely in the summer.


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