December 16, 2011

Hermes Wallpaper for Your Desktop

The lovely blog, How About Orange, had another great way to waste time. She’s had some quizzes in the past, and some font recognition games, but this is the BEST one.Hermes1You can wallpaper the background on your desktop with one of six different Hermès wallpapers. And each of the six comes in a range of colourways. Hermes2You just drag one of the rolls of wallpaper onto the wall, and it unrolls a bit. Then take the brush and smoooooth the paper down to the bottom. Repeat to cover.Hermes3When you’ve finished, it will ask if you want to save it to your desktop, or you can paint the wall white and try again. These are the six wallpapers in order left to right.Hermes4Click here and then look for the icon with the wallpaper rolls, or click on the top image.


  1. I'll keep this in mind for the doldrums after Christmas. My to do list is very long this week.

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  2. These so cool hermes images

    ________________________herems birkin


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