May 24, 2010


When I lived in the UK, I saw some of the most hideous wallpapers imaginable. They were flocked with faux velveteen, every single inch of the paper was covered in some sort of colour or pattern and most of them had been hanging since Victorian times.

When I saw these two papers from the DIY chain, B&Q, which is like Home Depot or Lowes, I was totally shocked. These papers are brilliant and I’d use them in a room in a heartbeat.

This one’s called La Vie Ordinaire and has scenes of life in New York, London and is Birds of a Feather, and features little birds on a line, with Union Jacks to add some colour. birds-of-feather  At £19.98 a roll, they’re not too expensive.


  1. Precious. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  2. It's baaaackkkk. Can't believe it and most of my clients aren't ready to believe it either(too many nightmares about taking down paper inch by inch), but wallpaper is making a big comeback!

  3. Love, love, love La Vie Ordinaire! Reminds me of vintage prints I've always loved on skirts and dresses. These city prints used to be so popular, especially on '50s circle skirts. I don't know what it is about them, but they just speak to me.

  4. love them all! just checked in on your Etsy shop and the pillows are gorgeous!

  5. these wall papers are fabulous! would love to do an accent wall with the bird themed one... my cats would like that too :)


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