May 8, 2010

They Came From a Land Down-Under

I had the chance yesterday to spend the afternoon with one of my readers who is in Baltimore from Australia. Nancy and her friend, Robyn are here with their husbands who are attending a conference, so we took the opportunity to visit some of the places that Nancy had read about on here on Pigtown*Design.may 7 025First stop was DeBois Textiles, where the gals were overwhelmed by the selection of fabrics. While Nancy bought one yard of a number of fabrics to use as pillow covers, Robyn bought a five-yard length of a gorgeous silk to use as a tablecloth. DeBois 12-29 018Next, we headed out to the Greenspring Valley to Halcyon House, a shop that Nancy was so excited to see, and we arrived with strict instructions not to let her buy everything in the house.  That was going to be a difficult challenge.may 7 017I love this chair, which has a very similar fabric to those above. At the party for John Robshaw, I spent some time sitting in this chair and chatting. It’s very comfortable. may 7 001 Each time I visit Halcyon, I see new and different things, all of which I love! This fun silverware, with the assortment of bamboo, tortoise-shell, faux ivory and other colourful handles, really caught my eye.may 7 009 These little salt cellars made from scallop shells enveloped in silver would look beautiful on a summer table.may 7 010 Halcyon has a great selection of handbags and carrier bags.

may 7 011

may 7 014

This cabinet with the selection of china is brilliant! Check out the plate on the lower right. It’s one of the great tin plates that I collect. These are from Mottahedeh. may 7 019 Great variety of cachepots. And catch the elephant, too!may 7 024 We grabbed a quick lunch at Whole Foods, where I was lucky enough to find peonies!  Style Court has started her Peony Watch 2010, so I weighed in with my sighting of them here in Baltimore. Robyn and Nancy bought me two bunches – one of a bright pink and one of a pale pink with streaks of darker pink.may 7 027 Thanks to Nancy and Robyn for spending their day in Baltimore with me! It was great to meet you both.


  1. Sounds like a day designed in heaven....
    And it was lovely to join in and see what you have seen. Love all!
    The patterns, colors, the china and purses, flowers and mixed cutlery...

    Thank you!


  2. Fun, fun excursion! All the places you have mentioned and the patterns, the totes and bags. I have some of the bamboo handled flatware!

    Art by Karena

  3. Love the handbags...I need to make a trip to Baltimore soon!

  4. Thanks for sharing! That sounds like fun! glad I found your blog :)


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