May 3, 2010

More Elephants – Vote for Your Favourite!

Before I bring you more of Ladew’s amazing gardens, here are some more of the fabulous elephants on parade in London until the end of June.

Choose your favourite and vote in the comments!

1. The David Hicks-inspired elephant in an elephant print.londonelephants-001  2. The silver bull’s eye elephant with spats.

londonelephants-002 3. The India Raj Elephant


4. The falling leaves elephant

londonelephants-004 5. The “You Stole My Heart” elephant

londonelephants-005 6. The Abstract Quilt Elephant

londonelephants-006 7. The Skeleton Elephant

londonelephants-008 8. The Parks and Thames River Map Elephant.


Vote for the one you love the most!


  1. An elephant in an elephant print... absolutely. Though the bullseye is a close second for me!

  2. Something about the shiny blue elephant with falling leaves really strikes me. I'm not sure why -but it's my favorite!

  3. Well, if you're going to force me to choose, I'll go with the falling leaves elephant, with the elephant print/houndstooth guy coming in a close second.

  4. They are all lots of fun - but if I must pick a fav - it's the quilt. The colours are stunning.

  5. They all look great but my favorite is the first one. It reminds me of a Herend.

  6. Elephant #1...It has an Escher look to it and I agree with Julio about the Herend influence...really fabulous!

  7. Oh what fun! I love number #1!!!! It's my favorite.


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