May 10, 2010

Some Things

I can’t let the passing of An Æsthete’s Lament go by without saying a few words about what the blog has meant to me. It was an education every time I checked the new posts. I never knew what treasure I’d find there or what words of wisdom I’d encounter. Regardless of what was written, it was always something that would enrich my life and my knowledge base. ALX5I had the great good fortune of helping Æsthete design the header for the blog, and after several iterations, we came up with the perfect image and words.  ALX7 Blogging is hard, and I sometimes wonder why I/we do it. Certainly, for me, it’s not about the money, because I don’t make a penny from the blog. It’s about sharing the things that I know, even if I’ve been described as “being the boring old aunt at Thanksgiving that you hate to sit next to…”. Blogging takes time, time away from the family, the friends, the other things we could be doing. But we still do it, mainly because it’s fun, it’s interesting, it’s a great community and it adds something to our lives.

The Preakness, the middle jewel of horse-racing’s Triple Crown, is being run in Baltimore this weekend. Things are really gearing up around town, and the excitement is building. I don’t really have a horse in this race, but I’d love to see Super Saver, with Calvin Borel, win the Triple Crown.Preakness 2010 Thanks to Eddie Ross for the shout out he gave me on his blog. Eddie and Jaithan bought some French Ivory knives and forks from me and he featured them at an event he did at Gracious Home in NYC.Eddie Ross copy I still have a few of these knives and forks on my Etsy Shop, as well as some great old hotel silver spoons.  As I get closer to my move, look for more and more things for sale. As I am sorting through books, I realize that I have three copies of the book DV: Diane Vreeland.


When I moved the last time, and basically got rid of everything I own, I realized that stuff is stuff. And in the long run, I am really a hunter, not a collector.


  1. I'm a hunter too. I'm getting ready to give lots of my things to an antiques dealer to sell for me. It's amazing to be in the design business but have no real attachment to "things". I hope your move is successful. I'm going to miss Aesthete's Lament too. Hope you are well.

  2. you got that right- it's ALL in the hunt!

    and i just noticed your "inner junque whisperer®" label! ;-)

  3. The fun is all in the hunt!
    I'm sadly missing Aesthetes Lament. I really looked forward to it daily and I respected him and the continual quality of his blog. As I told him - his decision to stop blogging really broke my heart. Who do we have to look up to now to uphold those standards?!

  4. Hi Meg,

    Great post as always. You are just the type of person I would love to sit next to at a dinner party. You always have so much to share.

    I am hoping to do a posting on a new florist in Carmel, and a few other floral tidbits. I thought I might mention your Sunday Flower posts. Hope that is ok.


  5. Meg,

    A few odds and ends.

    First, I love the tub and the composition of it with PD over the bar is a master stroke. To think it has personal and historical meaning, as well, is enough to send one over the moon.

    Next, the "great good fortune" on AAL's banner was his in having had your capable and deft touch. The change from the prissy and sour woman on the settee (I believe it was Madeleine Castaing) to this far superior interpretation of 'Decoration,' 'Inspiration,' and 'Edification' was oh so dramatically right.

    As to "sparing down," it can be quite liberating -- the hunter is so infinitely more dashing than the magpie, don't you think?

    And finally, a smile comes to my face each time I remember a comment you made weeks back on HOBAC in reaction to the horror that was Gerard Butler's residence featured in AD:

    "just spit my gin onto the computer screen... may i send you the bill for repairs?"


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  7. Meg,
    I'm sure you're also hoping that the weather clears for this weekend (and I hope your gardenia made it through last night's cold snap). Not that I'm going to Preakness, but it's no fun for anyone in the rain.

    Also - Super Saver has a (tenuous) Baltimore connection. His owner's brother is married to a girl I went to school with (K-12) in Severna Park. She and her husband live in LA now, but it's still something, right?


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