May 30, 2010

Flowers on Sunday and Some Book Thing Finds

During six months of the year, my friend Julie and I have a routine. We meet at the Farmers’ Market in downtown Baltimore at 8:00 a.m. sharp. We do a looking lap and then a buying lap at the market, all while greeting and chatting with friends we see.

Following that, we head somewhere for breakfast. We have some favourite places, but are always looking to find a new place, which we did today.

After breakfast, we go to Book Thing, where Julie, an amazing cook with an awesome kitchen, heads for the cook book section and I head for the design and decorating section.

Come on along with us!

There were still some peonies at the market, but I am really just sick of the smell of them. They can be so sweet and cloying and I am over them for the season, surprisingly!  I found some beautiful Bachelors Buttons, an easy plant to grow, and one which comes in some beautiful shades of blue, and pink and white.

5-30 001 5-30 002

For breakfast, we headed to Grand View, an interesting place at the top of a senior living facility! I’d seen a sign for it recently, and realized that it was probably the highest point in Baltimore. 5-30 022 As we suspected, the view was indeed grand, with sightlines in every direction. It was clear enough that we could see all the way out the harbour into the Chesapeake Bay. 5-30 016 We were both amazed to see what a green city Baltimore is. Although you do get that sense driving around, it’s verified by an aerial view.

A quick trip to Book Thing yielded two treasures, including Architectural Digest’s Celebrity Homes, dating from 1977. The selection of celebrities is interesting: it ranges from Senator Edward Kennedy to Julia Child, from Pauline Trigere to Diana Vreeland. 5-30 029 The other treasure was Chanel: Her Style and Her Life, by Janet Wallach. This book will be a great read, and it’s got a lot of images that I haven’t seen before. 5-30 030 Although I haven’t had a chance to read through either book, I am sure I will be fascinated by them both.


  1. Ooh, these books look divine! Glad you are having a nice weekend and the flowers are perfect. Enjoy!

  2. How exciting both of those books are!

  3. Wasn't that place called "Top of the Tower"? And it's on the west side of Roland, by the Episcopal thrift shop? If so, I have been there many a time and, yes, the view is incredible, in all four directions!

  4. Sounds like the perfect day that my Bf and I would do. I love to go to Barnes and Noble, get a latte and browse through the design section. Aaaah that is heaven to me. Kathysue

  5. Love this post. Feel like I am there with you. Thank you.

  6. That first book looks like quite a find, but ... Gayelord Hauser? [One of these names is not like the others...]

  7. I have always wondered about that place in the Sr Home but was worried they wouldn't let me out! So was the food decent?

    I hope to get to the market next Sunday and make a day of it too.

  8. In the AD book, is Truman Capote's house his borrowed townhouse in Brooklyn Heights?

  9. Sir Fopling.... it's the house on Long Island.


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