May 12, 2010

Gin & Titonic

I have the sense of humour of a six-year old and find the strangest things hysterical.  So now that it’s gin-drinking season, I finally found something I’ve been looking for for ages! ginandtitonic_648Ice cubes shaped like the Titanic and an iceberg for your gin!  The little ships float upright in your cocktail, knocking into the wee icebergs. That is just the kind of thing that makes me laugh! Available here.


  1. I really thought that we were the only people that have seasonal drinks. We only drink Gin and Tonics after Memorial Day and they are our go-to libation!!

    And the icecubes are wonderful. A real conversation starter.
    So nice to visit you!

  2. Delicious dark sense of humour!
    I guess we are allowed to laugh, the last survivor died last year...

  3. I have these and LOVE them. I got them here in DC at that cute little modern housewares store on Connecticut avenue in Dupont Circle - Tabletop! They have so many cute things -next time you're in DC you must check it out.

  4. Oh any day, any season is G&T time for me!

    I have a friend who would get a huge kick out of the ice cubes. I'll have to figure out where I can find them in Canada to surprise him.

  5. Hi Meg,

    Fun concept!

    I've posted my floral piece, and linked to you re: Your Flower Sundays.



  6. LOVE IT.

    I too believe in seasonal cocktails.

    G&T from Memorial Day to Labot Day.

    Scotch (or Bourbon if it's Derby Day) From Labor Day to Memorial Day.

    Must get those ice cube shapes!

  7. If you google 'gin & titonic' i think you can find them on amazon.

  8. I saw those in... Lucky? House Beautiful? I don't remember... but I saw them in a gift guide just before Christmas last year and thought,"I HAVE to get those for my step-dad!" He's a history buff that loves the titanic and everything to do with it. Fortunately my brain kicked in and I realized that if he loves the Titanic and doesn't have a great sense of humor (true), maybe he won't get the kick out of these that I did... Oh well. Those of us with a slightly dark sense of humor can enjoy them for ourselves!
    - Meg

  9. Am still howling - freakin' FANTASTIC!

  10. There's a choking hazard for you.


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