May 6, 2010

Fabrics For Your Home: My New Favourite!

The Peak of Chic was one of the first blogs I discovered and when I stumbled upon it, it was like opening a treasure chest of wonderful ideas, designers, fabrics, decorators, interiors, exteriors and so many other brilliant things. peakrefinedlogoOver the past few years, I’ve become “pen-friends” with the great mind behind the blog, Jennifer Boles. Imagine my surprise the other week, when the Washington Post’s Home Front doyenne, Jura Koncius, said that the author of House Beautiful’s new book, Fabrics for Your Home, Jennifer Boles, would be the guest! You can read the transcript here. Fabrics for Your Home 002

I was transfixed by the discussion, and when HB’s PR company offered to send me a copy of the book to review, I answered with a resounding YES PLEASE! It’s the most delightful book, and now that I am a complete and total fabric nut, I find that I am carrying it with me all of the time, just to be able to study the fabrics in my spare moments. It’s a perfect size to slip into your bag, measuring 5 x 7 inches.Fabrics for Your Home 001 The layout of the book is similar to the section in House Beautiful called Instant Rooms, where they mix and match different fabrics to come up with a cohesive theme. Fabrics for Your Home 004 Here’s some detail from the image above.Fabrics for Your Home 005 The layout of the book is very helpful, especially if you are looking for something specific like a paisley. The swatches are arranged by pattern type, which I love. Fabrics for Your Home 007 And then there are pictures of the fabrics in situ, so you can see the scale of the pattern on furniture and in a room. Fabrics for Your Home 006 This is an amazing resource for anyone who loves fabrics and textiles. It’s just the latest in a series including a similar book on paint colours. You can order the book here.

Great job, Jennifer and House Beautiful!


  1. Thanks, Meg. I've had this on my "maybe" list and with your endorsement, I'll definitely get it now. I don't know what my hesitation was... I'm every bit the fabric geek that you are... and proud of it!

  2. Meg, Thanks so much! You are definitely my kindred spirit...we both love fabrics way too much!

  3. Meg;
    Thanks for the tip! It looks adorable in your bag! I am loving your new header! ( New to me) I have been busy & absent looking at other blogs lately!

    Thanks for the tip; I am going to B & N this weekend, will look for it!

  4. it's already out? omg!! ok, off to amazon to get it. i'm soooo impressed, but not surprised. Jennifer is such a great writer.

  5. This is the first glimpse of the inside I've seen...thanks!

    I will definately be buying a copy.

  6. I love books that are purse sized. 5x7 fits my hands nicely too. I'll have to keep an eye out for that one Meg. Right now, I have a ban on new books coming into the house as I'm n overload!


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