March 21, 2010

Tour de Baltimore – Saturday Edition

Saturday was another perfect day – sunny and 70s. We started again at DeBois where our Tourists found some spectacular silks, some gorgeous toiles, new ikats and a prom dress!Tour de Baltimore Part 1 008

Again, we went to Housewerks, where the amazing glass pieces were a big draw, as was the dissertation on refinishing woods by one of the owners! Tour de Baltimore Part 1 014Our next stop was McLain-Wiesand where we were greeted by late morning Mimosas and gorgeous pink cupcakes. Before we even entered the shop, one of the Tourists found the settee of her dreams – right in the front window!01-27 008 Of course, she had to try it before she bought it and to the entertainment of the group, she posed in the front window of McLain Wiesand! The settee even fit in the back of her car, so she bought it on the spot. Tour de Baltimore Part 2 001As she was negotiating the deal, the rest of the group had the chance to see behind the scenes at McLain, and watch some of David’s artisans at work. Lest you think all David’s gang does is produce gorgeous furniture, they also have a sideline in Squishies®. They’ve even made a rock video with the group. Tour de Baltimore Part 2 002xFrom McLain Wiesand, we moved to Gore Dean, where they had champagne, crustless cucumber sandwiches and Easter cookies for us! They were setting up for a Bridal event on Sunday and had stunning place-settings on the tables. I just loved the plates which had different types of mesclun salad leaves around the border, which, I think, are from Hermès.

Tour de Baltimore Part 2 003 Tour de Baltimore Part 2 004

As we left, they gave everyone a gorgeous goodie bag, which was such a generous gesture to their visitors! Here are some of the other place-settings.

Tour de Baltimore Part 2 007 Tour de Baltimore Part 2 008
Tour de Baltimore Part 2 009 Tour de Baltimore Part 2 006

One thing I loved at Gore Dean was this sweet stationery from the late Mrs. John L. Strong. I love crocii because they herald the start of spring in Baltimore. I’ve heard rumours that friends of friends have bought Mrs. John L. Strong and may be resurrecting the line!Tour de Baltimore Part 2 013Lunch was loads of fun, especially with Cafe Hon’s all-day brunch. I did notice a few of the group ordering their Eggs Benedict with Crabcakes! WOW!  There was a table next to ours where the girls were celebrating a wedding shower and the bride tried a lovely pink dress to go with her pink flamingo, the motif of Cafe Hon.Tour de Baltimore Part 2 026

Before we ventured to Book Thing, we wandered through the village of Hampden and stopped in a few of the one-off shops along the main street.

I had to warn the Tourists that Book Thing is NOTHING like the sweet book-shop in the film Notting Hill, and that the proprietor is nothing like Hugh Grant. Everyone in the group found books at Book Thing, and we all left laden with interesting books that we’d never have found in any book store. I actually found a slim volume on making curtains!

All in all, two great days with a lot of wonderful new friends. Thanks to all who made this tour such a great time, and thanks to those who took time to come to Baltimore and see my city!


  1. Am green with envy-and its not even St. Pat's Day.

    Happy Spring all! You celebrated it in style.


  2. Snowed in here in the tunda. So glad the day was lovely and the sun shined upon you. Baltimore earned this gorgeous day the hard way. Look forward to seeing new curtains starting up at your place.

  3. It looks like fun was had by all and that you gave them the royal treatment while they were in your city! I love that settee!!

    Kat :)

  4. I love the gently faded fabric on the settee -- such a wonderful color. And the settee looks so comfortable too. Nice souvenir of the Tour de Baltimore.

  5. Meg, Thank you for a wonderful day, it was so much more than I imagined. I have already made plans with friends to take them back to Dubois and to spend more time strolling through Hampden. I will send off pictures once I get my new sewing projects done!! Thank you again for a great day! I look forward to the fall tour :-) -Tara

  6. Sounds like everyone had a fabulous time! I am going to clear my schedule for next spring's adventure! I'm too jealous just reading out this outing...I NEED TO PART OF THIS OUTING! - Wendy

  7. I wanna live in Pigtown, Meg! (Or at least visit more often.) Warmest thanks to you and your similarly hospitable friends for a wonderful Saturday in 'Ballmer.' Denise and I had a blast.
    Denise's family is tussling over who gets the Empire sofa/settee. My white plaster glove mold from Housewerks proved a little less popular here. (Son calls it "creepy"!) But I want them all to come with me to Housewerks to enjoy its backstage-at-the-circus vibe, and they're already scheming about what treasures they'll hunt for at DeBois. My own "new," $15, DeBois-bought, Kenneth Cole spectator shoes are already getting reheeled, meanwhile.
    Most important, the daylong infusion into my creative coffers definitely had an effect: I'm back at my blog, with new posts both up and in the works and lots of fresh ideas.
    It was so great to meet you -- you're as delightful in person as on Pigtown Design. Baltimore owes you the Key to the City!

  8. I'm a sucker for a red velvet sofa. Scored a 1941 Duncan Phyfe (red velvet, of course) on ebay a few years ago, and it's the best thing I think I've ever bought. That, and the red velvet Vincent Price-esque hanging lamp I found in a Pittsburgh junk shop.

    Great blog, I'll be back! (You be Beethoven.)


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