March 13, 2010

John Robshaw in Person

I was lucky enough to be invited to a small party to meet textile designer, John Robshaw, last evening. In addition to being very talented, he’s also charming, warm and great-looking! Robshaw 042

At Halcyon House in Baltimore, they’re having a trunk show of John’s fabrics today, as well as a number of the beautiful Indian textiles he’s importing and making into pillows (just like me!), table runners, prints on paper and more. Robshaw 013 Halcyon House is one of the few places in the area that carries John’s goods, including quilts, pillow shams and pillows. Robshaw 023Halcyon House is filled with exemplary selections of ikat pillows, Uzbekistani robes, Robshaw 029 gorgeous table top items,Robshaw 025 and as always, loads of fresh flowers! Robshaw 001 Some of the guests last evening included several of Baltimore’s top designers – Alex Baer and Mona Hajj – and architects – Ziger Snead, who had designed the residential buildings at Woodbourne - as well as my great friend David Wiesand. Robshaw 016Earlier in the day, I had stopped by DeBois Textiles, where I found a beautiful Afghanistani crewel-work coat. I took it home and made some alterations and wore it to the party. I thought that since John is a textile designer who does a lot of travelling, it would be of interest to him… Robshaw 038 Actually, almost everyone commented on it, and it fit perfectly with the theme of the evening.

Robshaw 010 Robshaw 030
Robshaw 032 Robshaw 020

John Robshaw will be at Halcyon House today, from noon until five p.m. Go visit him!

Thanks to Stiles for including me in the evening’s events! And thanks, too, for the gift bag with some swatches of John’s stellar fabrics and a notebook that John’s making exclusively for Barnes & Noble.


  1. Wow. Wow. Wow. John Robshaw. Awesome coat. Beautiful textiles. I'm swooning and I only got to see the photos! What fun, Meg!

  2. I love Robshaw's textiles, pillow and linens. You are such a lucky duck!


  3. Love the coat! And the yellow and black ikat pillows. Sounds like a fun night.

  4. How exciting! I love his designs and you are right, he is very cute!

  5. perfect coat for the event!! :) how awesome--- LOVE his designs!!!

  6. Beautiful colors--thank goodness Spring is almost here. Thanks for sharing.

  7. and look! how did they get the new spring quilts already?! Oh yeah -- John Robshaw himself was there!!!!
    (so cool, I'm quite jealous.)

  8. lucky you! i love that man! not as much as rob pattinson, but still.

  9. Love the coat. Love John Robshaw textiles. Looks like it was a great night. Also, love your blog. Can't get enough. Happy Weekend.


  10. Lucky, girl! His fabrics are so pretty. I love the mix of prints he is wearing in the pic you snapped.

  11. Meg - Love his fabrics - I will have to look for those notebooks! Is he as cute in person as in photos? Woo-hoo, lucky you!

  12. Is it okay to say that I think John Robshaw is even yummier than his textiles? ;)

  13. Meg -

    This post inspired a new design for me! Check out our latest post on
    I linked back to your site as well.


  14. Meg,

    Inspired idea to wear the coat! Thanks for sharing these terrific pictures.

  15. I've been to India over 30 times and love textiles and design. Also know other Indophiles who've been bitten by the bug and have launched product lines as a way to capture the joy and return to India.

    Though I prefer the delicacy, sophistication and subtlety of 18th century craftsmanship and design, I can say that at his price point, John Robshaw's products are the best things to come out of India today. The quality of his materials and workmanship are a cut above his peers. And most importantly, Robshaw's products look good in the west - may of his competitors just don't hit the mark.

  16. He looks delicious!

    Oh, and nice textiles... too... um, yeah.

    Sorry, what?


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