March 1, 2010

ACC – 2010

This past weekend was the huge American Craft Council show in Baltimore and more than 700 artists participated. I’ve gone for years and years now, and am always awed by 1) the volume of incredible goods on offer; 2) the incredible creativity of people; and 3) how long it actually takes to see each and every booth.

This year, my friend Liz, who writes the blog, The Felted Garden, was a vendor. She participated last year in the Alt. Crafts section, but was accepted into the big show this year! She makes the most beautiful felted scarves in gorgeous colours, patterns and soft cozy wools. I am wearing one of her delicious creations today! Thanks, Liz!!!

ACC 2010 020 ACC 2010 032
ACC 2010 026 ACC 2010 023
ACC 2010 024 ACC 2010 028

Here are some of the other artists who were showing.

This woman came from Italy to show her felt creations, which look like one of my favourites, Licorice AllSorts! Yum!

ACC 2010 007

ACC 2010 008

Some of the glasswork was incredible in both size and shape. Pieces looked like corals that you’d see at the bottom of the ocean.ACC 2010 043 ACC 2010 062 If my back garden was a little larger than 12x12, I might consider this huge metal sculpture as an homage to Connor, and my old dog, Frank.ACC 2010 046 But I don’t think that Connor has earned his angel wings yet. One more gnaw on the Paris map and he’s outta here!ACC 2010 061 There was loads of jewelry everywhere I looked. After having all of my good jewelry stolen, I don’t wear much at all.

ACC 2010 004 ACC 2010 068

ACC 2010 072One of the most fun things about the show is that people really dress up in the items they’ve bought the years before. So it’s always a funky and fun fashion show.

ACC 2010 003 As ever, a fun show and great to see my friend, Liz and the crew from Gutierrez:Studios, who were there despite the loss of their boss and friend the day before.


  1. Your friend Liz's scarfs are gorgeous! And those bowls are stunning. What a wonderful show, I'll have to try and make it next year!

    I'm glad to see that you and your friends were able to go to the show despite the huge loss you're experiencing.

    Kat :)

  2. Hi Meg; You know how to have the greatest fun. The show looks like great fun and from what you hi-lighted such incredible talents are present. I know I have read Liz's blog and her skills and creativity are amazing. The scarf is so unique and must be very time consuming to craft? Thanks for showing us a tidbit of what we misses!

    : D deb

  3. I am hitting myself on the head for forgetting this is what I wanted to do this weekend...

    One of my cats is Himalayan and when I have been combing (more like de-tangling) her lately, I have wondering if she has a career as professional felt-maker!

  4. Are those licorice all sorts made of glass? Or felt? Either way, I'll take them!

    I started buying the real thing not because I like them--I actually hated the taste of licorice--but because I liked their festive colors, and even more so when heaped up in my grandmother's black glass candy dish, but one day when there were no snacks in the house, one thing led to another and before I knew it, I was addicted to the stuff. It's just a good thing that, hereabouts, they only sell it once a year.

    At any rate, those little beauties at the ACC show would be a great way to have the look without worrying about gray teeth.

  5. Oh I wish I were brave enough to wear All Sorts around my neck or a coat trimmed in feathers! Maybe I need to get a few more years older to embrace my quirkiness so boldly. Love your friend's wool scarves. Very pretty!

  6. OK, I guess if I had read the caption, I could have answered my own question about the cool felt neckpiece...

  7. A great assortment of wonderful and unique arts and crafts!

    Art by Karena

  8. That must have been fun Meg....fabulous artists to meet and admire their work, xv.

  9. Okay, Meg, you have me hooked. I didn't make it to the ACC this year, but I just ordered one of her fab scarves. They are beautiful!

  10. Love those licorice candies too!!!! Everything about them, the color and for the real things..the taste. Your friends scarves are gorgeous. I am so sorry I missed the show this year.

  11. this is like our Unique L.A. I agree, great place to find unique hand made pieces or just be inspired by the creative energy. Um, could I please have that coat?

  12. Those scarves are way fabulous. Very creative and vibrant!


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