March 5, 2010

From the Atelier Pigtown

My mother and sister are headed downtown to meet me and go over to DeBois Textiles to look for some curtains for my mother’s study. I thought I would collect the pillows that I’ve made and display them, so they could see what I’ve been doing over the past few weeks.

pillows 3-5 009 pillows 3-5 010

I am really smitten with mixing and matching the different fabrics that I’ve been collecting. Barclay Butera on a pillow with Sister Parish…

pillows 3-3 005 pillows 3-3 007

A saffron and red silk check reversing to a Provence-inspired toile…

pillows 3-3 001 pillows 3-3 002

Duralee’s Addison reversing to Thibaut’s Surf in brilliant greens…

pillows 3-5 004 pillows 3-5 005

A black and white chinoiserie toile reversing to a black and white polka dot…

pillows 004 pillows 005

It is hard to decide which pillow I like the best. I guess it’s like choosing which of your children is your favourite!  Here are few contenders.

Barbara Barry’s Poetic Linen, with red piping.

Pillows 2-27 012 Thibaut’s Edgartown, with hot pink pipingPillows 2-27 018 Or this one, made from an old Indian caftan.pillows 3-3 008 I’ve put some of the pillows up for sale on my Etsy shop, because when it comes down to it all, I am a process person, not a product person. I’ve already given away about six seven pillows!


  1. wow. those pillows are superb! love the very last one...

    happy weekend.

  2. You are already about to do piping? I am are one quick study!

  3. LOVE all your pillows. And how did I not know you had an etsy site when I never miss a post? off to check it out...

  4. You have been so busy, Meg - and I am also very impressed that you are already doing!!!!!

  5. I'm with Susie with a big Wow on the piping. I am always convinced where there is a will, the way will follow. Great work. I'm impressed.

  6. i think barbara barry's is my favorite. wow - you HAVE been busy!!!

  7. I'm with Joni--Barbara Barry is my favorite. You have been really busy and they are gorgeous.

  8. Exactly what I was going to say ! That's so sweet of you to give them away. I'm going to be near Baltimore in a couple of weeks and I'm going to try to make it to the fabric store.

  9. busy hands - impressive stitching - beautiful fabrics - you mastered cording too! happy hunting.

  10. The Indian caftan one turned out GREAT!

  11. Wow Meg you are a busy bee!! I would still love the floral or Bird on a limb for my mother!!

    I am also doing a giveaway soon, so come on and follow me!

    Art by Karena

  12. atelier = copyright infringement = just kidding.

    love the pillows and love the nautical new header!

    love you and connor too,


  13. Wow Meg! You must not sleep. They look great, and I'm very impressed that you're piping already.

  14. Dear Auntie Meg: Am being serious: The pillows look absolutely FABULOUS!! I swear you could go into business with your newly acquired sewing skills. Hope you have a good weekend. -- Miss M.A.

  15. look at you go! They are lovely, save a few for me, will be shopping on Tuesday. Have fun with you're family.

  16. Stop! I promised my friend Harry Lowe a pillow MONTHS ago and I can't seem to get around to sewing it. And here you are being oh so productive.

  17. I love that Barbara Barry "poetic linen" ~ enen the name is fabulous!

    (verification word for today: gushomat)

  18. I am impressed as hell that you are able to do piping and that it looks so perfectly neat and even.

  19. They look absolutely fantastic Meg! I wish that I knew how to sew.

  20. Beautiful job, Meg. I'd choose the Barbara Barry Poetic linen as my fav, although the caftan pillow is a close second.


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