March 19, 2010

Tour de Baltimore – Friday Edition

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Friday edition of the Tour de Baltimore. We simply could not have had a more beautiful day – sunny and 70s – a polar opposite of the October tour!

We started the morning bright and early with coffee and donuts from the Fractured Prune (a local donut shop) at DeBois Textiles, checking out their incredible selection of fabrics. They’ve just gotten in a new shipment, and I saw one silk from Schumacher that almost made me cry, it was so gorgeous! Here are some of the new textiles.

Tour de Baltimore Part 1 001 Tour de Baltimore Part 1 002
Tour de Baltimore Part 1 007 Tour de Baltimore Part 1 011
We then headed over to Housewerks to see what was new there. They are taking apart some old Bethlehem Steel offices in Pennsylvania so have a lot of steel office furniture. This stuff is great to take to an auto paint shop and customize the paint colour.  They also just took apart a Catholic school in PA, and if this doesn’t embody a school, I don’t know what does… Tour de Baltimore Part 1 017When we arrived at Gore-Dean, we were greeted with the POP of a champagne cork and freshly baked cookies! What a perfect way to shop! As always, there were so many fabulous things to look at there. Thanks to Deb and Spider for their warmth and generosity!
Tour de Baltimore Part 1 029 Tour de Baltimore Part 1 030
Tour de Baltimore Part 1 044 Tour de Baltimore Part 1 042
After lunch, we headed to The Antique Exchange where fabulous finds were everywhere!
Tour de Baltimore Part 1 054

Tour de Baltimore Part 1 053

Tour de Baltimore Part 1 059
Tour de Baltimore Part 1 058

I am looking forward to Saturday’s Tour de Baltimore and meeting lots of new friends!


  1. Meg,
    That looks looks so much fun! Sorry I couldn't run up to join in but I have the kids while my daughter's away. Spent the day cleaning up the garden.

  2. This looks like so much fun. Wish I was close enough to you to come join your group. Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Meg Thanks for being such a wonderful tour guide! It was great to see all these treasures with new friends. I look forward to going back.

  4. Do they do this twice a year? I'd love to tag along for the next one!
    (Who makes that peacock feather fabric?! You know I love all things peacock!!)

  5. Oh, the fabric! How I wish I could be there!

    If this wasn't the busiest time of year at my real job and I wasn't sick as a dog, I'd be there.

    Next time. I promise. I need to stay at the new Kimpton again anyway. :)

  6. Thank you Meg for a great day! Every stop was fantastic. I am ready to go again!

  7. This post has set me over the edge. I am making an itinerary back to NYC with a stop in your area. Be on alert!


  8. sounds like a blast - i have always wanted on of those steel office desks with an auto spray paint job - the martha green - similar to the fire king green another beautiful day today for saturday tour

  9. Meg, it looks great and like you all had fun. I have a Gore Dean lamp on the way for a client and am LOVING that orange one in your pictures! might need to check on that! have a great weekend.

  10. oh my goodness, I was at the fabric store on Friday. I didn't know about the Baltimore tour. Looks like it was fun.

  11. Those fabric makes my mouth water. Thanks for showing them.

  12. Meg, Thanks for organizing such a great trip! I am so thrilled with my purchases, can't wait to post what I do with them. I'll keep you updated on a Luckett's run later on this spring.

  13. I will definitely have to go on one of these tours since I am right down the road. I was at the beach getting ready for the new season (and enjoying the gorgeous! weather).

    That fabric shop is so good and the last photos are an antique shop?


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