March 22, 2010

This & That

Wednesday evening is the lecture at Evergreen House in Baltimore. The theme for the lectures this year is houses with theatres in them. Our friend, Keith McKay, who is the Director of Historic Preservation at Ten Chimneys, the Lunt/Fontanne house in Wisconsin, is the featured speaker. Click here for more information and tickets.ten chimneys My old friend, Jake, e-mailed to let me know that he’s planning a yard sale in a few weeks. I’ve written about Jake’s sales before, here and here, and this one should be every bit as good. 5-27 012 If you are in Baltimore on Saturday, April 10th, it’s worth a stop. I will provide more details as to the time and location as we get closer to the date.  After you’ve shopped at Jake’s, you can wander around one of Baltimore’s prettiest historic urban neighbourhoods, Bolton Hill. Bolton Hill

Speaking of sales, my friend Tracey of  Housewerks, and I are having a “pop-up sale” in June. We are asking a select group of friends to come sell all things hand-made, re-made and vintage.  Housewerks’ property is about two acres, so there’s plenty of room for our vendors to set up their wares. Pigtown Pop-Up @ HousewerksMy friend, Cat, who is a pastry chef, will be making an assortment of fabulous cupcakes. I might even ask the famous Mr. Lee to come and have a Southsides booth!  There will be lots of great things on offer, so save the first Saturday in June for the Pigtown Pop-Up @ Housewerks!

If you are a blogger, don’t forget that we’re doing April Food Day again this year. We are asking all bloggers that we know to post something about hunger in America on April 1st to raise awareness of this issue. Last year, we had more than 150 participants and we’d like to exceed that number this year. Feeding America gave us a special URL, so that we can track donations to their site. I hope that you will join Chris at Easy & Elegant Life, and me in this effort.April-Food-Day2

Thanks, as always, for reading Pigtown*Design!


  1. Southsides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We recently featured Alfred Lunt's cookbook at Cookbook Of The Day. Wish I could hear Keith McKay's lecture.


  3. Great work Meg. Lots going on in Baltimore....wish I could be there to attend!

    Art by Karena

  4. Meg, you know I'll be there! Evergreen is now and forever a favorite haunt.

    Will post something on Glamour Girl for April Food Day, but can't do the banner because I don't have the say-so on that stuff. But can certainly do a plug.

    And sorry I missed Le Tour -- what a beautiful weekend you had for it!

  5. The architecture of that house is beautiful! Maybe someday I will get a house like that ;)

  6. That yard sale looks amazing! As is your banner image... summer cannot get here fast enough.

  7. Of course you have my support Meg, what a great cause.


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