October 28, 2007

Halloween Treat

Continuing with the original content theme this week, I thought I would show you all some pix from the amazing Halloween party I went to last night. It was held at Housewerks, our local architectural salvage store. Housewerks is in a Victorian-era gasworks and it the perfect venue for a Halloween party... or any party!
The hallmarks of this party are the creative types who attend, the unique entertainment and Guti's goulash cooked in a cauldron by a dear friend. Lots of old friends are always at this party, so that makes it especially fun.
My costume was "Nightmares in My Kitchen" and I donned a chef's toque, jacket and pants. I decorated the jacket with clip art pictures of rats, roaches and ants that I'd fused on with t-shirt transfer paper. My friend, Mr. Big, went as a pirate (he's a top yacht racer in our fleet). We had a great time fixing his make-up to reflect his pirate status!
The entertainment this year was two hoop dancers, three belly dancers and a fire dancer! They were all great, especially the fire dancer. As usual, the costumes were creative and clever. They included a disco ball, a lego, a deviled egg, Braveheart, Blueman, a shark attack, a gecco, several prom queens, Elvis, Anthony & Cleopatra, Bjork, Willie Wonka and many more!

Belly Dancers with Cherub in Background

Bjork and Willie WonkaFire Dancer
Cute Aussie Gecko!

Great Party! Thanks Antony & Cleopatra!


  1. What fun! I went to a Halloween party last night in Charles Village, a lot of drag (it is the gay high holy day after all), but more than a few straight couples too. The theme was Viva Las Vegas. We had a Ziegfried and Roy, several Blue Men, and lots of dead Vegas people. I was an extra on CSI, and just my luck there was a couple who came as CSI investigators! Me? I was some guy who got dumped in the desert, post-autopsy. You may not find this info helpful, but someone will: spirit gum and liquid latex should never be put on chest hair. Ever.

  2. Fun! I know that building which is gorgeous and what a perfect party venue.

  3. Looks like quite a party! Thanks for sharing it.


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