October 2, 2007

Josephine Ryan Antiques & Interiors

I get the Guardian Wrap on-line each morning, just a summary of the UK news, but very interesting points of view that we don't see here in the US. Their Observer on Sunday magazine was always a part of my weekend reading when I lived in Wales. Today, I found an article about Josephine Ryan Antiques and Interiors. She's just published a book called French Home, and although it doesn't look like it is available in the US, I want it!
Josephine's description of French decor is wonderful "...perfect imperfection... a look pulled together with a certain nonchalance underscored by enormous confidence. It's also about putting objects into new contexts: slatted garden chairs (like those in Paris's Jardin du Luxembourg) are welcomed into any room in the house, or glass soda siphon bottles are transformed into lamp bases. This mentality is bound up with seeing the multifunctional potential in any piece: an armoire, for example, can be used not only for storing clothes and bedlinen but also for crockery or food."
Her shop in Clapham Common in London is going to be on the list for my next trip over there. I love her mix of rough and smooth, soft and hard and old and not so old. The slightly faded and scratched only serve to highlight their history.What fun things! I can't wait to visit the store in person!


  1. So, how does one go about getting this book? Looks like I have to add it to my library!

  2. If it's not available in the US, you should be able to order it from amazon.co.uk

  3. Oh my gosh! That shop looks magnificent, and I too want that book. (And LOVE your new logo- you have the best headers of any blogger!!!)

  4. Click on the book title to find a link to the UK Amazon site where you can order it.

  5. I'll second Peak of Chic's comment about your header - it looks great with a nice use of colour. I especially like the willow pattern china, which I what my family used when I was growing up.

    One small thing I'm not so keen on is the letter "G" in the typeface. I think the capital G looks odd mixed with the lower case letters. The p has a descender so it looks like the g should have one too.

  6. You'll love visiting in person I'm sure. Seems to me I saw a magazine feature on her years ago. Beautiful!

  7. c'est magnifique!
    Gotta get the book!
    So glad I found your Blog,
    aussie magnifique!
    I'd love to Blog about your Blog in a few weeks when I have more time.
    Great to find you!!!

  8. Wow I have this book! Weird!!! Amazon my dears. It's very nice



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