October 23, 2007

Original Content Week

The wonderful blog, Decorno (decor + porno) has declared this week to be "Original Content Week", so I am going to give it a shot. I don't usually scan pages of magazines, but I do grab things off the interweb to illustrate points I am writing about. My foodie blog is mostly original photos, except for the other night when the restaurant was too dark to even read the meny, so I do try.

When I lived in the UK, I got in the habit of carrying my camera everywhere, because I never knew what amazing thing was around the corner. I've kept that habit and try and shoot pictures wherever I can. So, I thought I would show you some of my favourite photos.
I love the way this photo is framed by the trees, the viaduct and the lawn, all leading your eye out to the Bristol Channel in South Wales where I lived. This is taken from the verandah of an amazing guest house outside of Cardiff.
This was taken on my last day at the castle where I worked. I was sad to be leaving and the sky matched my mood. This is the dry moat and the front portcullus of the immense St. Donat's Castle.
Mount Clare Museum House, near where I live is always a great place to take phtographs. You would never guess that I-95 runs about a half-mile from here. I like the solidness of the pillars and the organic shape of the tree behind it.
This is another shot from Mount Clare. They had an exhibit of 300 years of Wedgwood. The bowl is Wedgwood and is about 100+ years old. It was used in a dairy. The light in this picture reminds me of a Flemish still-life, and all of the elements, except the apples, are 100+ years old.
I love blue willow china. I love fresh Maryland corn. I love, love, love my wonderful French Ivory-handled cutlery that I have collected piece by piece. I really like how the handle of the fork echoes the colour of the corn. Last but not least, a pig picture. I went to a dinner to celebrate the year of the pig, and the hostess collects pigs. I put my camera on the table, turned off the flash and set the timer to take a lot of pictures in candle-light with the sparkle of fine crystal reflecting what light there was. Oh, and we drank about six bottles of wine that night.


  1. Love your shot of Mount Clare and also the Blue Willow.

  2. What beautiful pictures! I particularly love the ones from England.

  3. Good for you for rising to the challenge of Decorno's Original Content Week. I love your last picture and the evening sounds like it was memorable. Thanks for sharing these pictures.

  4. Mount Clare mansion looks so romantic and moody with the gray sky and bare tree limbs in the background. And no, you'd never dream it was so close to the city and highway. The picture gives it a feeling of windswept isolation.

  5. Love the photos at Mt. Clare -- if you're going to be around on December the 8th, come to the Mt. Clare Colonial Christmas. They have an open house at the mansion, and a greens/gift sale in the stable. 10 AM to 4 PM. It's a lot of fun.

  6. In the picture of South Wales, is that a cedar of Lebanon on the right, it looks like it. And the viaduct picture is so beautiful, really they all are, you are a great photographer. You need to start showing us more of your work, you could sell these they are so beautiful! And yes, that one does look like a Vermeer. Just beautiful.



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