October 9, 2007

Blue Porch Paint

Well, today the painters were scraping the windows outside my office. Of course, today Baltimore also broke a heat record, with temps in the upper 90's recorded downtown. My office has a window air conditioner, which the workers took out. They also covered the windows with plastic to seal them against the dust from the lead paint. As you might imagine, my office was hot and stuffy! I persuaded them not to put my gigantic air conditioner back in the window until next summer, so now I can open my windows!
The estate manager told me that he's getting good comments on the blue ceiling, but that he personally hates it! I wandered down to look at it, and I mostly like it. They should have painted the sprinkler pipes blue to match. I may still be able to talk them into it! The floor of the porch is apparently Trex, so we're not painting it. Thanks for all of your good suggestions though!

The pale yellow that we chose for the woodwork is looking wonderful. After another coat, it will really sparkle.


  1. Get the painters to do the pipes They should know better! It looks beautiful that color Blue on a porch is a classic color. You go, girl!

  2. Yep ... i really like that color too..

  3. I am a big fan of blue ceilings on porches- i'd much rather look up and connect the ceiling to the sky.
    looks great!

  4. I love the blue its a great softening touch to the stone walls. Typical Man - doesn't know what good design is!

  5. I just had to tell you that I pulled out my wedding album the other day and the old historic church I got married in had a blue ceiling. I had forgotten about it, until I looked and the pics and immediately thought of your post.


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