October 7, 2007

I am Giving Away The House In My Head


You can't have my brain, but you can have The House in My Head. This is a classic book by Dorothy Rodgers, the wife of composer Richard Rodgers of Rodgers & Hammerstein, Rodgers & Hart fame. This 1967 book is about the construction of the Rodgers' house in Connecticut and all that went on to build it. It's a fascinating story of every little thing that she thought about before, during and after construction. It also has some fun 1960's American Cuisine recipes in the back of the book... just in case you want to do some lavish entertaining!
I found a copy of it at the Book Thing a few months ago, and read it straight through. Today, there was another copy in nearly mint condition, so I thought of you and snapped it up. To win a copy of The House in My Head, just send a comment and tell me why you'd like a copy of the book.On Friday, I will pick one person and send the book to them.


  1. I'll be your bestest friend.

  2. I enjoy reading about how people design space (and I live in Baltimore so you don't have to mail it!)

  3. i'd like a guide/muse as my husband and I contemplate building our home...

  4. Because I admire that she was served as founder and president of Repairs Incorporated -an agency based in NYC that hired skilled craftsmen to repair broken or damaged objects. That I can appreciate!

  5. If all goes well (knock on wood, we're waiting to hear in the next 24 hrs from a prospective employer) - my husband and I will (could? *knock on wood again*) be moving to Connecticut, buy land and build the house we've had in our heads for a few years!

  6. My wife, the always resplendent Mrs. E., and I live in a 100 year old Victorian in Richmond, VA. "Blanding's House" as I call it is still in need of a little ...help. I can use guided inspiration. And the names of a few reliable contractors in the area.

    Great blog; thanks.


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