October 14, 2007

Restoration Hardware

I went up to the Restoration Hardware warehouse sale outside of Baltimore on Saturday. Resto Hardware only has two warehouses, one in Maryland and the other in California. The sale used to be held twice a year, but they've recently been holding them one weekend a month because they have a surplus of inventory. Good for us, bad for them!
They had a lot of their summer furniture on sale, as well as loads of beds and sofas. Things were generally marked at 40% to 60% off their regular prices. They also had sort of a Christmas Market, with lots of their decorations on sale. I picked up a bunch of small ornaments, and votive glasses to give as hostess gifts to give out at holiday parties. They told me that people come from all over the east coast to come to this sale. If you love their look and want good prices, this is worth the trip.


  1. Did you buy those plates too? Those are pretty nifty :)

  2. How fun. I missed the one out here in CA. last time. I heard it was a mad house...but something worth fighting the crowds for. Love your plates.

  3. As usual, Fairfax, you're holding out on me by excluding me from the really good sales.... -- waterloverus

  4. Fairfax-

    Could you please tell me where the sale is located...I live near Baltimore and would love to check it out. Thanks--Clare


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