August 12, 2007

A Weekend Project

My mother and I drove down to Virginia today to see the new twins, who are now almost a month old, and cute as little buttons. I took about 150 photographs, which is the blessing of a digital camera. If the focus isn't right, or someone moves,'s gone!
A couple of weeks ago, I was at Plaza Art Supplies getting some artist's canvas when I saw a great little kit. It's an accordian album that you put together yourself. Two cardboard covers, a piece of 7" x 40" folded and scored paper and that's it. I found some great end papers in pink and blue (girl and boy twins) and glued it to the boards. Then I took a ribbon to tie the album with and glued it that down. Then I glued the accordian pages to the end boards, and stuck photos on the pages... one side for him and one for her.
I had taken close up photos of each of their hands and photo-shopped their names onto the pictures. I printed one or two out in black and white for effect and tied the ribbon into a bow.


  1. Adorable!

    I loved your new header too :-)

    Hope the new job is going well.

  2. That's a beautiful baby and a wonderful picture.

  3. Oh too sweet!

    Fairfax, BTW, thanks so much for that Edie Sedgewick note on Style Court. Cool info to know.


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