August 22, 2007

Fireplace Finished...

...maybe! I finished scanning and printing the archived photographs from our programs and put them into the frames I found at the dollar store. I liked these frames because they were black, square and double mounted. And they were a dollar. I ended up using pictures instead of words because the inside dimensions of the frames are 3.5" x 3.5" and some of the words didn't look right. Additionally, the top set of frames are at about six feet, so the words might have gotten a bit lost. I also liked the graphic look of black and white pictures in black and white frames. It's also been a conversation piece for people coming into the office.
I attached the pictures using double sided mounting tape, since the chimney breast is brick topped with plaster, and I didn't want to put 16 holes into it (and neither did the estate staff!). Additionally, if I needed to take the pictures down, or swap them out, it wouldn't be so hard. I was at Ikea the other day and found some of the curly bamboo and some little palms, which I've added to the sides of the mantel. I think this softens all of the hard surfaces a little. I really want to put a large plant in the fireplace to get rid of the black hole, but haven't found anything I like yet. Comments, please!!!


  1. Lovely! If I were visiting your office, your 'gallery' would be a tempting invitation to walk through history.

  2. Fabulous! Is the ink flowing yet?
    What about grouping all the greenery together on the left and shortening the bamboo a little?

  3. Can't shorten the bamboo, but i can make the others a little taller, or add something yet.

    Ran into a former donor at a shindig last night and he's coming for a visit!

  4. You did an excellent job - using about as much money as people spend on coffee in a week! Outstanding!

  5. Yes, so resourceful and you've created a great conversation piece.

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