August 15, 2007


I found a cache of old photos from the 1920's and 1930's. They're great pictures of the kids who were in our orphanage at the time (I think it was called "Home of the Friendless"). How about putting those pictures in the frames? I have scanned a lot of them in to use on some p.r. and marketing things, so won't have to use the originals, which should be correctly archived. I will be able to manipulate the photos more than just the words. Thoughts?


  1. Nice - but, think these might benefit from a larger format say 24" x 20" with an image size 8" x 6" and large mat borders ?
    Any how, seems as if you like and are great at the job!

  2. HOB&C... The pix aren't great. A lot of them are blurry, so if I enlarged them, they'd suck. That's why I was thinking smaller.

  3. I love old photos. I collect them when the subjects intrigue me.

  4. What about mixing them w/ the words?
    I'm sure which ever you choose it will be wonderful.

  5. yes, yes, yes!!! excellent idea. I would find all similar frames in different sizes (ex: all solid black frames, or all silver frames) and then some large, some small, some square, to accomodate the different photos.


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