August 24, 2007

Again with the Fireplace!

Le Coterie sent me a great photo from In-Style magazine that she thought would be good for the inside of the fireplace, since I am not ever, ever going to have a fire in there. It was a silver champagne bucket filled to the brim with roses. It was the big style I was thinking about, but since I am on a non-profit budget and I don't have a line item for flowers, I did some thinking.
I went to the local Tuesday Morning, which looks like a huge junk shop and is a terrible mess. However, I have found some good stuff there and my pal KitKat swears by it. I knew I needed a large urn-shaped vase, and found a great pottery one for $19.99. It's cream and has a raised pattern on it, which echoes the marble fireplace surround. I then went to the florist and found some huge heads of hydrangea in greeny-bluey-browny colours. Since their stems were long, I thought they might work and I can just let them dry out for the next month or so. I need to add something else to fill out the vase, and am looking for that.
Thanks for the suggestion, Ally!


  1. looks great - some autumn coloured eucalyptus would fill it out nicely. Once the hydrangea are dry use hairspray on them to keep them looking crisp.

  2. That looks lovely! Great job pulling it together.

  3. Beautiful! The proportions are just right. I love this! They hydrangeas are great. I have the best look drying them out by just putting them in the vase with no water. You did a great job.


  4. It's coming together! I like the advice of HOBAC: fall colored eucalyptus sounds great.

  5. Ooh- I LOVE this! The scale/proportion is perfect for the space, and the vase is beautiful :) And I am also a fan of Tuesday Morning (you're right though about it being a terrible mess! The one near my apartment in college had this eerie feeling about it and it was always cold, but man could you find some goodies;)


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