August 14, 2007

Office Ideas

First, thank you so much for all of your wonderful suggestions. They were right along the lines of some of the things I was thinking about. House of Beauty and Culture suggested numerous frames with calligraphied statements, which was one of my original ideas.

Our kids have 14 character traits, including Courage,Integrity, Goal Setting, Perseverance, Self Control and others. I thought it would be great to have those 14, along with the organization's name and maybe the logo, which would make 16, and I could do a four-square. The wall opposite my desk has a large door to the CEO's office, so that's hard to do something with.

I will probably get some curtains and hang them. Probably just some sort of sheers because the office is on the north side of the house and will be pretty dark as the days draw in. I do need a lamp or two, as well. I noticed during a storm, it got pretty dim in there. Since the windowsills are about 16" deep, I can put a table lamp on the far window, or put a floor lamp next to the conference table.
Last night, I was at the dollar store, and they had 16 black double-matted frames, which I snapped up in a heart-beat. I thought I would get an interesting font and some nice paper and print the 16 words off and frame them. I have to be conscious of the costs and appearances of the office, since I am asking people to give money. We have two farmers markets here and it's a great place for cut flowers. I have a large vase which would be the right proportion for the fireplace. I photo-shopped the original photo and came up with this...

What do you think?


  1. Ditto - just move them up to about 1/2 the space on the sides and equidistant from each other. You asked.

  2. Sorry to shout but LOVE THE FRAMES! Good buy too! I can't wait to see the end result :)

  3. Love the idea and love the look and the frames!

  4. Your skills are needed urgently at my house. Please report asap!

  5. Everyone needs to click on the link to Julie above and read about her farm adventures (and her brilliant cooking blog!)


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