August 29, 2007

Thomas Paul

I was looking at the brilliant Brilliant Asylum's blog the other day and she referenced Thomas Paul, a maker of home accessories (with the most annoying website). Coincidentally, I had picked up a couple of his pieces earlier that afternoon. I am a collector of notebooks, being the slightly obsessive person that I am. I used ruled notebooks, but not ring or spiral bound. I use coloured pens, changing colour with each meeting or new conversation.

So I bought a silk-covered notebook that looks like one of those old marblized black and white composition books, except in red, a double silk photo frame, in a damask print and a small photo album, in a 60's looking print. I had a red composition book before and filled it, so was glad to find another one.
Thomas Paul's colourways are wonderfully named: aqua-peacock-leaf, chocolate-orange-marigold, persimmon-pink, kabuki black and goldfinch green. His things are fun and creative. He seems to work mostly in silk, linen and twill, and has a line of malamine plates. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to have a store, but his items are carried in Gracious Home, Elsewares and Fred Flare.
Thomas Paul graduated from FIT in New York with a degree in textile design and went on to work for as a silk colourist and making ties for Bill Blass, Calvin Klein and DKNY. In 2001 he launched a silk pillow collection, utilizing the silk mills which had done the ties. He hopes to have Thomas Paul accessories for every room in the house.


  1. At least tp has a website, not a cheesy page on blogger like you!

  2. Hi. Thanks for the mention. I was admiring your photos when I saw my name. I really like that Peacock feather pillow. Enjoyed reading your good info on TP!
    : )


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