August 5, 2007

Weekend Edition

Even though it's August, and summer's almost over (hopefully), I am still looking at summer handbags. I found great one at a yard sale last summer. It's exectly the kind I like for summer - a rattan/wicker/bamboo handbag. I just found another one at a favourite haunt last week for $5.00. The bag I found last year is brown rattan with bamboo handles, and the one I found last week is black with white accents.
Both bags hold a surprising amount, including wallet, phone, filofax, camera, make-up and keys. They are also both vintage, probably mid-1960's, and one was made in Hong Kong. There are a bunch on ebay right now.

I stopped by the Book Thing today and did pretty well. I found some early 2000's Victoria magazines. That magazine stopped publishing a while ago, but I understand they're relaunching it. I also got Jessica Mitford's Daughters and Rebels, an autobiography. (if you click on the link, you get to the most hideous site about Jessica Mitford, aka Decca) She's one of the famous Mitford sisters. This promises to be very interesting.
I also got Cornelia Otis Skinner's Nuts in May, a series of essays from the New Yorker. She wrote the play, Our Hearts Were Young and Gay. When I went to Book Thing today, I took a bunch of books I had previously gotten there, but decided not to keep. As I said before, just like a lending library, but you can keep what you really like... and they're all free!

Tomorrow, I begin my new job... yep another one. The one I started in June turned out not to be what I had expected, but this one returns me to my first love, fundraising for non-profits. I had actually worked at this new place before, and am going back because I love what they do - working with children in the foster care system, and in juvenile justice. I have always had so much, and I feel the best way I can effect changes in our world is by raising money for groups who do the work.


  1. Great finds as always!

    Good luck today with the new job

  2. Good for you; it's nice to have work that makes the world a better place and juvenile justice and the foster care system are certainly areas where so much help is needed.

    Also, I need to start stopping by the Book Thing. You always seem to find such great stuff there.


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