July 2, 2014

Quiz Time!

It’s a two-fer, and both are from Lonny Magazine.

First up, which designer is your spirit animal?


Just click on the choices, imagewhich are better than most quizzes, and your answer will be revealed.

The second is a style-finder quiz. imageAgain, a list of images, imageand then you find your style.

Both were pretty spot-on for me, Bunny Williams as my Spirit Animal, and Trad with a Twist for the Style-Finder!


  1. Bunny Williams is my spirit animal, and Midcentury Classic is my style. Thanks Meg, these were fun.

  2. That was fun, thank you for posting. Ryan Korban is my spirit animal and Midcentury Classic is my style!

  3. Miles Redd and Rustic Romantic. Yes, indeed. Very fun.

  4. I'm also Miles Redd and Rustic Romantic--but really I'm not rustic romantic--Rachel Ashwell, et al. I like the contrasting energy of different textures and elements, but never ever shabby chic....
    That was fun!

  5. Fun - I got Miles Redd, love him - and Trad with a Twist - yeah, I think this is about right!


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