July 12, 2014

Floor Plans for the Spaghetti House

A lovely reader kindly sent me the floor plans for the House that Spaghetti-O’s built. The house is basically two off-center U’s at right angles to each other. Floor Plans-3

Here’s the main/ground/first floor plan.Floor Plans-1

You can get an idea of some of the specs for the house. Floor Plans-2

I still find it totally confusing and complicated. And of course, way too big.


  1. The location of the kitchen is unusual, but understandable.

    A good decorator and garden designer could pull it together.

  2. http://www.decaroauctions.com/truly-absolute-auction-queenstown-maryland-2/
    Here's a video of it.

  3. Love your comment!! Way too big.
    xoxo Mary

  4. This is basically a three bedroom house with a one bedroom apartment and a three bedroom apartment. There's no service entrance and the kitchen is far from the garage, but I would take it. This would be a perfect house for a couple that works from home.

  5. Love the thought of a de-icing system for the front steps.


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