July 6, 2014

A Country Garden, Revisited

About five weeks ago, I visited friends’ country garden, here. I was there over the holiday weekend and had the chance to take some more pictures, so you can see the changes that five weeks of cool weather and lots of rain have brought. Some of the plants have faded and others have bloomed to take their place. And while my first visit was at high noon, this visit took place late in the afternoon, just in time for cocktails!

The huge snowball hydrangeas were blooming in profusion! They were bending over under the weight of their huge heads.

The bedding around the urn with the banana plant has filled in, and the arch behind it is filling in with a variety of clematis.

The vegetable garden is really coming along with loads of basil, chard and cabbages.

The dahlias that were just rhizomes in June have now begin blooming, and will continue until the first frost.

The zinnias and their brilliant colours are blooming like crazy.

The Maryland state flower, Black-Eyed Susan, or rudbeckia is scattered across the gardens.

One of the most beautiful parts of these gardens is the entrances to each garden room. As you climb up old stone steps, or enter through an arch, a new scene awaits you.

So much thought, imagination and attention has been given to this garden, and it all clearly shows.

I was lucky enough to be accompanied on my wander through the gardens by the most adorable one-year old. Ever.

Cute as a button, but such a handful!


  1. Beautiful garden! thanks for the tour!

  2. What a wonderful garden your friends have. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sigh, too beautiful for words.
    xoxo Mary

  4. so beautiful + thank you for showing me. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  5. The winter really did a number on my hydrangeas. The one, the butterfly-bush one, is doing fine; it's blooming. But my favorite, the more classic hydrangea with the big fat round blooms, which I make blue with aluminum sulfate in the soil, hasn't bloomed at all. It looks healthy -- well, in the spsring I had to cut it waaay back, down to the ground -- it's now full of healthy, glossy leaves. But no blooms. Not even any buds. My neighbor's is the same way. :-(

    Oh, and the fig tree barely survived. And it's in a protected corner of the yard. This winter was brutal.

  6. Meg what a glorious setting and your companion is adorable!


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