April 14, 2014

High Point: Schillig

One of the first scheduled meetings I had in High Point was with one of my sponsors for the Market, Schillig USA, a German furniture company with their US HQ in HP. Unfortunately, my meeting with Schillig was immediately after my “incident” but I give them all of the credit in the world for being kind and welcoming, and listening to me blather away about what had happened. imageLuckily, there were a lot of charming men, all named David or Scott, and lots of gorgeous pieces of furniture to distract me.

The first thing I noticed about the showroom is the rainbow of leather colours they use in their furniture. The second thing I noticed is how rich and heavy the leather is. That’s because it is from Scandinavian cows who live in colder climates and therefore have thicker hides. As their tagline says, I could feel the difference.

The next thing I noticed was how clean and European their furniture is. Of course, it’s because they’re German!

Schillig’s furniture is the McGyver of sofas. The pieces move and change, fitting where you want it, and being what you want it to be. Pieces move around, pillows get re-arranged et voila, a whole different sofa. I particularly liked the little bolster behind the bigger pillow. It’s attached, so that the big pillow won’t slip. It also makes a great head-rest.

Who would think that this elegant sofa would turn into a recliner? Not me, until David sat down and showed me.

Instead of having a lever on one side like a clunky gear shift, the German engineering comes into play, and you push a button and the foot elegantly rises and the back lifts a bit. Smooth as changing gears in a Mercedes on the Autobahn!

And there’s no messy power cord, either! It has an elegant chrome battery pack to power the motion. Very clever.Seriously, if you are going to have a recliner in your house, why not have one that is sleek and elegant and reclines gracefully at the touch of a button?

There was one line in Schillig’s philosophy that really resonated with me: Knowing that by selecting our products you are inviting us to be a defining element of your daily life for many years, we are committed to crafting objects that are worthy of your investment. This indicates to me that they don’t see their products as “fast fashion” for the home, but as an investment piece that will fit your life for many years to come. And to me, that’s a very sound, and very European philosophy.

I will have some more brilliant pieces from Schillig to show you soon! Stay tuned for more from High Point!


This post has been sponsored by Schillig who was one of my sponsors at High Point Furniture Market. All opinions are my own.


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