April 17, 2014

High Point: It’s the Blues!

It’s really amazing to see all of the gorgeous colours used at High Point. While I can usually count on seeing the early spring blooms at High Point in the spring, things were much later to bloom than usual, and Market was a little earlier. But it was still colourful!

My sponsor, HGTV Products had a beautiful display of every shade of blue. Their new range of furniture, wallpapers and paints showed the blues off to great effect.

Williamsburg, which used to be associated with flat and somewhat faded shades, has taken a turn for the modern. This pillow is a riff on one of the patterns they found in their archives.

These lamps take their shapes from gourds found in the gardens, and their colours from the newly discovered paint shades that have been found.

CRLaine always has the most gorgeous, saturated colours, like this blue leather chair with the terrific silver nail-head trim.CR Laine (18)

The detail work on their pieces is so beautifully executed, like these slipper chairs.CRLAINE (53)

And blue was definitely everywhere, in every shade!CRLAINE (50)

Wesley Hall always has some magic up their sleeves and does a spectacular job with their upholstered pieces. Wesley (8)Wesley (9)

Thibaut is another showroom that I can always count on for wonderful colours and prints. These are new to their line of fabrics and papers. Thibaut (29)Thibaut (30)Thibaut (31)

This piece takes advantage of the subtle pattern in the shagreen (in this case, faux), to make a striking chest at Jonathan Charles. Jonathan Charles (29)

I hope that this post didn’t give you the blues!


  1. Wish I could jump on the blue bandwagon but it still only works as an accent color for me. Generally, it's just too cold of a color, I think. However, if I lived in Miami or some hot clime, a blue and white room might be just the ticket.

    Happy Easter to all.

  2. Meg, these are some beautiful finds. Have a lovely Easter!

  3. Beautiful! I am suddenly all about the blue and white look. So fresh! Can't go wrong with any of these blues!
    Happy Easter MFF (& Conner)

  4. adore the color blue + you showed us some wonderful things xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  5. Loving the blue and white combinations; giving a new twist to the traditional use of these two colors. Am hopong someday to visit High Pointbut for now am enjoying this trip.through your eyes....

  6. Should a hostess warn guests to wear a complimentary color to the furniture? I have a slide of my auntie wearing a dress that clashes with the sofa she is seated upon. ha. Also I sprung $42 for several metal cases of slides made in the 70s in Europe. I have yet to embark on such a trip (times have changed) perhaps I can strsrt my own archive!!! for sale reprints....


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