April 21, 2014

High Point: HGTV Home

The second of my two sponsors for the High Point Furniture Market was HGTV Home, the home products division of the television channel HGTV. They have taken their expertise in homes and gardens and have partnered with brands like Bassett Furniture, Sherwin-Williams Paints and Shaw Floors to bring their viewers a way to create their own style, based on what they’ve seen on HGTV.hgtvlogo

For the first time, HGTV Home had a space at InterHall, the part of the Furniture Market which showcases up and coming furniture designers and brands. HGTV Home’s corner space proved to be an ideal location to showcase the new trends and products they are featuring this season.

One of the biggest trends they are seeing this year is “Heavy Metal” featuring lots of metallics, but as accents. image

This lighting fixture is all-metal, but it’s also light and airy enough not to appear weighty.

The fabric on this bench features gold and silver metallic accents, but in a subtle way.

The nail-head trim on this dresser creates a dramatic accent, but again, in a subtle, yet metallic manner.

Even some of the fabrics and papers used discreet metallics, which add to the interest of the pieces.

Another story that HGTV is showing this season is BLUE! As I mentioned the other day, I saw a lot of blue at the Market, and HGVT was one of the first showrooms where I noticed it.

They are featuring blues in their Graphic Control fabric collection, available at Jo-Ann stores. They’ve taken some of their fabric patterns and re-coloured them in a range of blue shades and tones.image

It’s all about updating to turquoise, navy and lapis. By simply updating the colours, you update the prints.

Sherwin-Williams is producing the paints and wallpapers for HGTV Home and they’ve created collections for American homes, ranging from Coastal Cool to Global Spice. The paints and papers in each collection are designed to work together to create a cohesive space. For the DIY home-owner, it takes a lot of the guess-work out of the decision-making process and eliminates the fear of having clashing shades.

One of the most eye-catching pieces in the showroom was a custom-created mosaic wall-hanging made up of more than 60 pieces from the HGTV Home collection, including flooring, fabrics, tiles, carpeting, wallpapers, paints and more.

The piece was massive, and the staffers at the showroom told me that it weighed a ton! Well, maybe not a ton, but it was very heavy. It really showcased the range of pieces that HGTV Home offers. They even had a card with each of the pieces numbered and sourced. So clever.

I will be back with a look at HGTV Homes’ furniture line with Bassett Furniture.

This post has been sponsored by HGTV Home who was one of my sponsors at High Point Furniture Market. All opinions are my own.


  1. Off topic - but I just read about your experience at High Point - so sorry that happened!

    And...as soon as I saw the items you won at the auction, I went over to your Etsy shop, but those tea cups weren't there. I don't even know if you put them up for sale...but if they had been there, I'd have snapped them up!

    Hope the bad experience is well behind you now! Especially with this lovely spring weather in Baltimore...finally!

    1. Bisbee... there was a waiting list for those cups! I put them on Etsy late at night and they were gone by morning... and then people e-mailed to ask what happened to them. They were a delightful set!

  2. Smart HGTV, choosing to sponsor you. How did they know I am in the market for a home furnishings upgrade?!?!:)


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