April 8, 2014

High Point: Day 2

Day two was much better than day one! Except that it was chucking down rain and chilly. But chilly is relative. I am still having camera issues, so I will just zip through my schedule with some other pix.

First up was personal favourite, William Yeoward! Although he’s most well-known for his crystal-ware, he’s got a line of furniture. image

His accessories and staging are always fabulous!image

From there it was a short hop to Lillian August, which always has the most gorgeous floral arrangements as well as stunning furniture.imageThe colours in their collections are bright and rich and just gorgeous.

Next, I popped back across the street to C.R. Laine. image

They are always so innovative and use pattern and colour to their best effect. image

Thibaut was my last scheduled stop of the day, and it was another showroom full of bright colours and patterns!image

The day filled with colour was the perfect antidote to the grey skies and chilly temps.


  1. Looks like so much fun! Glad to hear day 2 was much better than 1.

  2. great photos! sounds like fun. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


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