April 16, 2014

High Point Highlights: Chinoiserie

With everything that happened in High Point, I’ve been tempted to put it all behind me, but I have an obligation and I really do want to share what I saw with you! So, let’s take a jaunt through High Point and see what I saw. Chinoiserie has always been “in” for me, but it was everywhere at this Market.

From Williamsburg: Look at this great mirror, in two sizes! Stunning

From CR Laine: Chinese Chippendale-style chairs CR Laine (25)

Pagoda mirror and lots of gorgeous blue and white, along with some Traci Zeller pillows.

From Thibaut: A pagoda-style headboard!

Beautiful orange and grey fabrics and papers, plus a pagoda sconce!Thibaut (22)

Lots of beautiful Chinoiserie-style fabrics.Thibaut (46)Thibaut (48)Thibaut (52)

From Lillian August: Always beautiful accessories in that showroom.Lillian (1)

A pagoda style headboard.Lillian (2)

I love Chinoiserie!


  1. I would do that Williamsburg mirror in a heart beat! It is so beautiful. Love the lines of the peak.

  2. I love Chinoiserie also. Can you recommend any good websites that promote it? Please, not Chinoiserie Chic, too pop and not enough depth there.

    1. Don't know of anyone besides CC, but a lot of them are like me and do sporadic posts. Do you know Pink Pagoda?

  3. Meg I am just thrilled that Chinoiserie is forever a classic. By the way I have been of a mood to watch Marple by Agatha Christie (2004 Series) Mysteries on Netflix and am astounded by the amazing decor in these productions that is so timeless!

    Feature: Decorate Fearlessly!

  4. I too love Chinoiserie + thanks for the tip karena + have a wonderful weekend. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


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