October 3, 2013

I’ll Take This: Other House

When I was looking for pictures of the silver house I just wrote about, another house caught my eye. There are a lot of these “shingle cottages” in the area where I grew up, including the house where my family lived for 30 years. image

This house could just as easily be in Nantucket, or along the North-east coast somewhere, as where it is in the middle of Baltimore City. imageWith it’s grey cedar shingles, white and dark grey accents, jutting rooflines and white picket fence, it’s a classic. The inside is filled with nooks and small rooms, as well as some rather bizarre colour combinations and a 1970’s kitchen. However, it all could be remedied with a few coats of paint. Let’s take a look, shall we?

The front hall with a small alcoveimage

From the alcove looking out. I’d say that the woodwork on the walls is probably original.image

Living room with a fireplace, french doors, hardwood floors and window seats. Nothing wrong there.image

What fresh hell is this? As if the floors didn’t have enough orange in them, the walls are rather blazing. And the gold trim, EEK! But there is a swinging door, probably to a butler’s pantry, and a working fireplace in the dining room, so some points have been added back.image

I am not sure what to say about the kitchen. Any ideas?image

This seems to be the room off the kitchen – I am guessing it’s a den. Nothing a good coat of the right white paint wouldn’t remedy.image

The kitchen wallpaper extends to the powder room.image

I am guessing that this is the master bedroom. I’d love a fireplace and a windowseat in my bedroom.image

And leaded glass windows! I’d be right here with a stack of books next to me!image

I am not certain whether this is a bedroom or a dressing room. What do you think?image

There are several additional bedrooms, and I will spare you from seeing the bathrooms. Luckily, there’s a lovely and lush shade garden surrounding this houseimage and there is a huge porch, so that’s an attraction. image

All in all, it’s a pretty nice house with great bones and some great spaces. It just needs a bit lot of paint.  More information is here.


  1. Meg, I can really picture it; just not up to the job right now!

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  2. For the Kitchen: Annie Sloan Chaulk Paint can cover the cabinets, countertops, vinyl flooring, and even the wallpaper if it is securely applied. It has a matte finish but the protective sealer is satin.
    It could be a real charmer.

    1. You are right. It would provide the right finish for the kitchen. I've used it a few times and if you wax it, it leaves a smooth satiny finish. And it covers in one coat!

  3. "fresh hell" there couldn't be a better description! Thanks for the vocab lesson. I'm using it today!

    But overall the house has great potential.

    1. "What fresh hell is this" is the way Dorothy Parker used to answer her phone. It is the BEST expression!

  4. adore dorothy parker's way of answering her phone + i think the room in question is a dressing room. xxpeggybraswwelldesign.com

  5. Oh my, the house interior is surprisingly beautiful, it doesn't look like it when you look at the outside, I was surprised.

    1. lots of these wonderful old houses have the most amazing details in them. early 1900's craftsmanship!

  6. “With it’s grey cedar shingles, white and dark grey accents, jutting rooflines and white picket fence, it’s a classic.” -- I agree. This house is really eye-catching even though it looks old. The idea of using gray shingles and dark roofs created its classical and elegant look. I guess passers-by usually stop just to look at this splendid piece of architecture. I hope you'll post more of this shingle cottages in your next posts.

  7. Easily the worst part of house shopping for me right now is thinking, "it's hideous, and yet I can't afford it." [Actually, that's second place to the feeling last year when my husband was mugged right in front of house we could never afford!]


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