October 22, 2013

High Point: Day 3

Finally home after a 350 mile drive, and I am knackered! But I thought I’d give you a brief idea of what I saw today!

First up, my other sponsor, Thayer Coggin Furniture. All very MCM!

Over to Soicher Marin to see their new collection of decoupaged pieces.

Up to van Thiel to see some of their antiques and salvaged pieces.

Then to a lecture on colour forecasts for the next 18 months. Hint: Oranges and blues.

Finally, a tour of the Bienenstock Furniture Library and their collection of rare books.

More later!


  1. What fun it must have been, Meg. Orange and blue: my favorite colors! I am already ahead of the trend!;-)

  2. orange & blue gets my vote + so glad you made the trip home safely. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  3. Thayer Coggin?! How fab. I have a vintage Milo Baughman chair I think I'll be buried with.


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