October 20, 2013

High Point: Day 1

After a long drive, which went by very quickly by listening to “Christmas Bliss” by Mary Kay Andrews on CD, I arrived in High Point on a cloudless beautiful day. And then immediately started meeting people, seeing gorgeous furniture, visiting amazing showrooms and having a ball!

First up was Jonathan Charles and William Yeoward’s wonderful new collection, called “… Collection”. I have some of his crystal, and it is one of the most beautiful things I own, so I was excited to see his new goods. William Yeoward is charming and funny and so interesting to chat with!He’s taken old looks and given them a new twist – different woods and finishes, tweaking shapes and great accessories. Additionally, there were a lot of pieces of old china scattered around the showroom. Some of the pieces reflect his childhood in England, like this adorable fox that graces several pieces.

One of the recurring themes in William Yeoward’s work was polka dots – but many were inlaid into the wood, even inside drawers!

I also had a chance to meet Alexander Julian, formerly a clothing designer and now a furniture designer. His work takes haberdashery details and translates them into wood.

The amazing thing about this collection is that all the wood pieces are inlaid. This wardrobe is such fun – from the button knobs to the tie-shaped tie-racks, to the tartan.

Each different shade and texture in the tartan is an inlaid piece of wood. Pretty incredible.

From there, I headed over to the launch of Steven Stolman’s new Scalamandré line at Port 68,and the new book!scalamandré

One of the best parts of coming to High Point is seeing old friends and meeting people that I’ve been FB friends with or who read the blog. I had that chance today when I met Lewis Trimble, an dealer from Kilmarnock, Virginia. He and some other friends took a space at High Point to sell their “Modern Vintage” wares. 

Check back for Day 2 of High Point!


  1. Would have loved to see this. I missed pad this weekend over here so nice to see some lovely pieces.

  2. Do you know what price the fox table was? Or those Staffordshire dogs? And are the latter reproductions?


  3. Really great treat for my Monday morning breakfast, thank you Meg. I'm blown away by the inlaid wood detail.

  4. Meg some very unique pieces, so good to see new takes!

    2013 Designer and Artists Series

  5. Love Alexander Julian's collection. The details are amazing!

  6. what interesting pieces + glad you got there safely. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


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